Letter: Isle of Wight media – Stop bashing Donald Trump!

“Daily criticism of the President of America (‘Trump Bashing’) becoming totally out of control” says ‘an angry Brexit supporter’ from Lake. More details are in the letter. Do you agree?

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We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers – unsurprisingly they don’t always reflect the views of this publication. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch and of course, your considered comments are welcome below. This from “An angry Brexit supporter, Lake”. Ed

Due to political bias from Isle of Wight news, particularly concerning the daily criticism of the President of America (‘Trump Bashing’) becoming totally out of control, I refuse to listen to daily reports of Isle of Wight news.

This also applies to all TV news stations, I just turn off like millions of others

Millions of UK Trump supporters
Are you not aware that there are millions of Trump supporters in this country.

Apart from the millions of those who voted for him in a fair democratic election, the result shocked the PC liberal media, here and in the US, particularly the desperately bitter Democrats who, consequently attempted to sabotage every single vow of his manifesto, and those that were accepted by Congress, have been very successful indeed.

‘Trump Bashing’ encourages more supporters
When I learned there was to be an interview this morning with an American politician, re Trump’s first term, I was curious re: the outcome, but not surprised at the response from him when questioned, and assume he was a Democrat, so swiftly turned off.

Plus, I am also surprised that the the media have not yet realised that the continued ‘Trump Bashing’, only results in many more Trump supporters, we English have always been sympathetic towards the underdog!

Sincerely, from an angry Brexit supporter, Lake, Isle of Wight.

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Monday, 22nd January, 2018 4:12pm


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Email updates?
Bashing the democratically elected President of America in the U.K. has now got to the level where it is on the verge of affecting the country’s National Interest: 20% of the UKs exports is to America. This is double our exports to Germany! The speaker John Bercow didn’t even consult the House of Lords before announcing that The President would not be allowed in either House as… Read more »

Good, this turkey is not welcome here, now or ever, the public would be on the streets in vast numbers it might bring down both the governments of the United Kingdom and the United Sates of America.

He is bully and a braggart of the worst kind, he is a fool who is not worthy to clean the boots of Obama.

I do think Trump gets a poor press coverage. We can do without his tweeting but frankly since he has been president the US economy has been resurgent. Unemployment down for blacks , Hispanics and women. In the rustbelt unemployed workers are going back to work. Even democratic California can see the effect of his policies. For a politician, he is trying to keep his promises and… Read more »
There is a definite comparison between our press bashing Trump (who was democratically elected)and the Brexit Bashing done by almost all of the UK Media, AND the lovies in most forms of entertainment and power. BOTH issues were Voted for by the majority of voters, BOTH issues have the London Elite clamouring for Democracy to be overturned in favour of their preferred result of NO US president… Read more »
I’d love to know who these ‘millions of Trump supporters’ in this country are. I’ve never met one. Ordinary people I know are usually astounded by his egotism, ignorance and bad manners. Indeed, my brother has just moved back to the UK from the US after 38 years residence there, working hard, paying his taxes,raising two sons, one of whom did a stint in the US Army… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Or – ‘Due to political bias from an angry Brexit supporter from Lake, Isle of Wight, whose Trump type fake news criticism of Isle of Wight news media ((s)he has at least now admitted to criticising the wrong media) serves as a further reminder to the millions made aware of the almost daily unjustifiable criticisms by the totally out of control President of America, I refuse not… Read more »
Billy Builder
It would appear from the letter authors own words that he/she does not listen to the reasoned argument and justified criticism in the media both local and national, as he just turns it off. No doubt he take his news feeds from Trumps tweets and other similar misogynist homophobic rasist news outlets. Trump is giving vast sums back to billionaires whist taking support from the poorest in… Read more »



This is the funniest story I have ever read this year, maybe this century, I read numerous papers and articles from all political persuasions, but this is just hilarious beyond even “Aliens Kidnapped my Granny and now she Barks like a Dog every Full Moon”.

Geoff Brodie

Anonymous letter ? No courage of their convictions then.


Please don’t feed the troll.

Expected better of On the Wight tbh.


Quite, maybe the editor had a bad day or let his ten year child in charge. I don’t expect a lot from onthewight but this is really very poor.

Sally Perry

Interesting. What makes you think the editor is a ‘he’?


My apologies, I had assumed that someone that would let this right wing propaganda be published would be male, I had forgotten that folk like Katie Hopkins and Sarah Palin exist and also that the editor of the Guardian, Katherine Viner is female, although she is of a more liberal stance.

Sally Perry
The assumptions people make are always fascinating to observe. For example, you assuming the editor must be male and others also assuming that ‘Angry Brexit Supporter’ must be male. OnTheWight has always been a platform for a variety of views (we draw the line at abusive, personal or offensive comments) and we strive to ensure this publication is neutral and unbiased. Just because someone else has a… Read more »

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard a Trump story on OTW, IWCP or IW Radio – Bashing or otherwise. I’d be interested to know what Isle of Wight media sources are engaging in Trump bashing to cause ‘Angry Brexit Supporter’ to froth so. Without any evidence to back up his assertions it does come across as incoherent spleen venting rather than genuione opinion.

Sally Perry

They did call us the next day to say that it might have been Radio Solent or Wave that they heard it on and apologised for mentioning IW media.

Luisa Hillard

There are no (kind) words to describe how I feel about this.


Tut, tut.
Politicians like Geoff and Luisa should not be so glib in their responses.
It is precisely because voices from the margins were ignored that we ended up with Trump (and Brexit).

Geoff Brodie

Why is it glib to be disappointed that the letter writer did not put their name to it, especially when it was given prominence on this site? I was a rare ‘Labour Leave’ supporting party member and I didn’t hide it, even though it hadn’t anything to do with my Councillor role.

Your answer was glib because it avoided the points raised in the letter and concentrated instead on the identity of the person who penned it, a side issue. If the concept of people not using their own name (and there are good reasons why this might be the case) is so troubling for you, Councillor Brodie, then you may be on the wrong site and indeed using… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

More than likely. I comment on OTW on occasion as I believe in some engagement, though less so here than I once did.