Letter: It’s as if the NHS is trying to prevent people getting a flu vaccination

This reader has been experiencing problems getting her flu jab this year and says it’s “as if the NHS is trying to prevent people getting a flu vaccination”

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This from Angela Hewitt. Ed

I have spoken to two Isle of Wight pharmacies today. Regent and Day Lewis and they have run out of flue vaccination for over 65s.

They both say there is a national shortage and NHS is totally unprepared.

I had an appointment at Niton, Day Lewis and was annoyed to be turned away. 

Surgeries are also offering restricted times. East Cowes hasn’t even told over 65s when they can get the flu jab. They say they will phone.

Then Regent said that any one with a surname beginning with “H” can get a vaccination Saturday morning between 9am – 10am.

How come that info is not on the surgeries Websites. Another friend told me you can get a flu vaccination at Sandown surgery Saturday between 9am and 5pm. Again no info on their Websites. 

It is as if the NHS is trying to prevent people getting a flu vaccination as opposed to their bogus campaign to ‘get the jab’. 

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Wednesday, 7th October, 2020 5:27pm


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Facts. GP surgeries are getting staggered deliveries for vaccines (which were ordered 10 months ago and come throughout October). Only difference to over 65 this year is we are having to stagger clinics to maintain social distance. Hence people getting called as we go. Massive amounts of harder work than previous years but safety comes first. East Cowes has had one over 65 flu clinic with 700+… Read more »

Well said. I do like comment which is based on fact. I understand that my surgery is applying the same logic.


Had well organised and very efficient service from our surgery all on the NHS


Ms Hewitt East Cowes surgery have been in contact with most of the people who are over 65 about there flu jabs why would you publish some thing that is not true might it be that you can not get a flu jab at your own surgery or are you just playing politics

Angela Hewitt
So how come I have to write this letter to find out about East Cowes Oct 10th. And annia you provide no information about surname time schedules. So are people being called to go on Saturday or is it just turn up?? Oh and try calling a number that is permanently engaged. I was stating facts as factually experienced by me. I did not make this up.… Read more »

Why would you be calling East Cowes surgery if you live in Niton?


Many pharmacies also offer the Flu jab, though they can also run low. Good luck and keep safe.

Send a polite email to your surgery asking for more info re their timetable & appointment times Send an email to a few pharmacies asking if they have appointment and vaccine availability Plenty of choice of pharmacies inc supermarkets (avoid Boots) Sit back patiently relax & wait for their response. GPs will not likely want to lose the income generated from this annual event GP surgeries are… Read more »