Letter: ‘Levelling up’, actually means ‘levelling down’

Hans Bromwich believes the ‘levelling down’ has been created to help pay for the “Government’s shambolic handling of the Covid-19 pandemic”

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This from Hans Bromwich in Cowes, Ed

I have always found that if you listen very carefully to what the Government says, then believe the opposite, you will probably be much nearer the truth.

So when I hear the rhetoric, ‘we’re levelling up’ what does that really mean?

Re-apply for jobs on reduced terms
Many furloughed workers, and those who sadly lost their employment, are now being invited to re-apply for their jobs, albeit on reduced terms and conditions.

Levelling down
‘Levelling up’, actually means ‘levelling down’, in a bid to create a post-Brexit, economically competitive, workhouse Britain, to help pay for the Government’s shambolic handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Image: per Corell under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 16th July, 2020 9:13am


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It’s not a government thing, dumbing down is the national standard these days. Earlier this week BBC Radio 4 had a whole program dedicated to reducing the length of the school summer holiday. It admitted that while it was Ok for children with a strong family life and support it didn’t work for disadvantaged children. Their suggestion was, rather than additional support for the children that don’t… Read more »
Mark L Francis
Problem is with everyone wanting more stuff, then what if the Earth is finite & we don’t have any other planets? For untold centuries people worked away in the fields, mostly in the belief that Jesus was going to come any day soon, without much thought of getting loads of consumer goods. People need to heed the wise words of Paul Weller of the Jam “Some people… Read more »

Soon we will all only able to afford to eat only half a sausage.

Fenders, looking at the size of some people that would be a good thing. We were at our healthiest after WW2. Regarding school holidays – they were set at long summer break for the children to help with the harvesting. Now of course they are not allowed to help, so it would be better all round if the break was shorter. But don’t expect the teachers to… Read more »
Mark L Francis

I think we should all heed the wise words of legendary blues singer “Lightnin'” Hopkins ” Its a sin to be rich but its a low down shame to be poor, A rich man got no chance to go to Heaven but a poor man got a hard way to go”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B6zzAWADYo

Angela Hewitt

Used to be called “A level playing field”. With no ups and downs. Jargon, jargon jargon. Who needs it. Let me guess. The Liars!

In my own experience, levelling of all types, be it up, down or sideways even, never seems to have any lasting effect as most government schemes involving levelling are poorly thought out with most having unintended consequences. But then it’s not the politicians money so they don’t worry. Interference in the housing market of most kinds leads to house prices going up and the unintended consequence never… Read more »