Letter: Look at the facts, think again and vote to stop Brexit

The Leader of the Isle of Wight LibDems says that if the Prime Minister breaks his firm promise not to have an election, the most important decision for the Island is to think again and vote to stop Brexit.

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This from Nick Stuart, Leader of the Isle of Wight Liberal DemocratsEd

The United Kingdom is safer and richer in Europe. While Europe is better with British values and expertise.

Britain had an Empire than spanned the globe. And now those peoples have their own proud independence. We have a successful Commonwealth family with close links to the UK providing a critical component of our global reach. And in the last 50 years we have learnt how to work with the rich diversity in Great Britain delivering a mix of cultures, a flowering of artistic enterprise and a leading place in scientific excellence and innovative industry servicing the world. All of these require us to maintain the relationship with our closest neighbours.

Our Brexit spasms have made us a laughingstock
Great Britain has been a leading trading nation of the world for over 200 years out of necessity. We have been importing the food and resources we need for all those years and more than ever we need access to all our overseas markets.

We need the rest of the world to believe that Britain can offer services, ideas and goods that are world beating. To believe in our reliability and to know that we will trade freely. Our Brexit spasms have made us a laughingstock and damaged our reputation for fairness, professional capabilities and openness.

While a No deal Brexit threatens our livelihood’s our NHS, and our Government income. Which also means all forms of social security and pensions.

A dream of empire
BUT we are busy tearing ourselves up for some dream of empire, for some dislike of the controlling dictates of a European state, in communities damaged by a Conservative ideological austerity.

As if we are not a major part of the European family of democratic states, as if our liberal democratic ideals our enterprising culture and our different approaches to democracy and public administration are threatened by cooperation with other nations.

We depend on Europe for many things
Nearly half our trade is with the EU, only about 10% of theirs is with us.

We depend on Europe for medicines, for food, for machinery, for parts, for our major aerospace and space industries for the developing environmental industries; to sell our services in finance and business expertise.

Our NHS depends on Europe
We depend on Europe for people in the NHS, for the best academics who help propel our Universities to world beating excellence and staff our innovative enterprises.

Without Europe we would have no NHS dentists on the Island there is not a single UK dentist; in our leading island technology companies we rely on expertise from overseas.

Overseas investment has collapsed
We utterly depend on overseas Investment into the UK that supports jobs and industry, and that has collapsed by more than half.

All this while we have been arguing over what Brexit means and listening to the right-wing populist in Farage or the ruthlessly ambitious unreliable fantasist we have as PM.

Populist politicians building castles
So who is hurt by this spasm of concern over a supposed loss of sovereignty? Who gains from this trouncing of the EU family?

  • I give you populist politicians building castles on some real concerns.
  • I give you the rich financiers such as Rees-Mogg, industrialists and populist many of who have moved their money offshore, who are hurt by the EU clampdown on dodgy money.
  • I give you hostile foreign powers who dislike a united prosperous and peaceful Europe.

There are problems in Europe, but we should not let those worries lead to the surgical amputation of our global legs or damage the security of the continent and the integrity of the UK, when direct engagement and fair policies can manage those issues.

The activities of our recent democratically elected MEPs show how to put the UK case. Although I hope they turn up rather more often than Nigel Farage!

Look at the facts
I have family and friends who think we should leave Europe; I have met other genuine people who are fed up of this continuing nonsense and even despair enough to want to leave. And I would like them to look at the facts.

The pound has crashed growth has now turned negative and our Universities, the NHS, our companies, our institutions, our security people all point out the damage of leaving Europe and the disaster of a no deal nonsense.

While I know personally that the dream of replacing our European trade with new partners is a fantasy. Shown up by the failure to replace all our current trade deals, let alone new ones.

Think again and vote to stop Brexit
If Boris Johnson follows Theresa May’s and breaks his firm promise not to have an election the most important decision for the Island is to think again and vote to stop Brexit.

Image: dullhunk under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 13th August, 2019 8:53am


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17 Comments on "Letter: Look at the facts, think again and vote to stop Brexit"

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Steve Goodman
What a costly distracting embarrassing prolonged s**tshow brexit is. We still don’t know what we should have known before being asked to vote on it (i.e. what would replace the existing arrangement). Mrs May said at least 108 times that we would go it alone by the end of last March. We don’t know if the latest PM’s promised date will be any more reliable. As Parliament… Read more »
Steve Goodman

There’s a parliamentary petition in response to the increasingly damaging divisive dictatorial government’s latest scandal; link below


Steve Goodman

Already much more than a million since the midday embarrassment by BJ, and still rising fast.


If you say it,,,, it must be right because we weak willed numpties know absolutely nothing about anything and all sit in awe of the Libdems pontifications,, ‘cos you lot ALWAYS tell the truth don’t you???

iain mckie

If the author (or anyone else for that matter) wishes to meet me in a debate on the merits of Brexit I will gladly accept the challenge.

Mark L Francis

Right – yer on.
31 October 2019, midnight- end of Spitsand at Ryde. I shall instruct my second…

Mark L Francis

PS – Anyone got some tide tables?

Jenny Smart

I would comment, but to be honest I’m all Brexited out.

iain mckie
One of the biggest (if not the biggest) beneficiaries of the EU flagship climate change policies was a company called Vitol. I suggest that you look up this company with reference to pro-EU MP Alan Duncan, Libya, Conservative donor Ian Taylor, Serbian war criminal Arkan, UN oil for food. Look at what the Environmental Investigations Agency said about the proliferation of CFCs under the Linking Directive –… Read more »

Call me picky, but I think people will be far more concerned with job security, food on supermarket shelves and medical supplies if this monumental act of social and economic self harm goes ahead.


So you’re focusing on one small thing to try and discredit everything the EU has done for the UK and the rest of the bloc. You are such a shallow, facile creature, it’s pitiful.

Not everything is right with the EU, but it’s a lot better than being cast adrift as a US vassal state.

Your posturing really is quite tragic.

iain mckie

I do not consider the environment a ‘small thing.’

The clearly exhibited stance of the Liberal Left that anyone who supports an Independent and Sovereign UK Parliamentary system, independent of the EU, is an uneducated cretin is absolutely breath-taking in arrogance and morally bankrupt. The comments that Britain traded quite successfully with ‘partner’ nations for many hundreds of years prior to the formation of the EU in its current Federalist and wholly undemocratic format, is quite… Read more »

Blimey Gary, “War of attrition”. “Hostile act of an aggressor”.

The EU must have done you some damage.

Having been born when ration books were still a real thing, and sourcing food was a serious problem for my parents, I am extremely grateful for the last 40 years or so.

I cannot think of one way that being part of Europe has negatively impacted directly on my life.

iain mckie

By the way I have a Masters’ Degree in EU Politics and Public Policy and my research was EU Energy Policy (Distinction awarded). Do you?


One must assumed that you failed your GCSE in Humility.


As I clearly failed mine in English. D’OH!!