Letter: Oi! Who’s pinched the view?

This is the view (or rather lack of it) from a popular advertised ‘viewpoint’ on the Isle of Wight. This reader ask whose responsibility it is to maintain the hedges to ensure that visitors and residents do actually see a view when they sit on the benches provided.

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers – unsurprisingly they don’t always reflect the views of this publication. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch and of course, your considered comments are welcome below. This from Clive Odom in Ventnor. Ed

The other day, I was in Leeson Road in Ventnor and came across the “viewpoint”. There are three bench seats and a plaque which says “For your enjoyment of this view”

I have not been to this view point for a couple of years now, but I do remember sitting there in the past and enjoying the view.

Where did the view go?
However, it appears that for what ever reason (probably cut backs by the Isle of Wight Council) the hedge has been left to grow uncontrolled and now when sitting on any of the three benches the only view is of the aforementioned hedge.

There is also a sign board with a map showing the viewing area but this is also looking very neglected and sad as the art work has faded to the point that it is more or less unreadable.

Leeson Road plaque

I contacted the Rees Jeffrey Fund Secretary to inquire if the Rees Jeffrey Fund has any involvement with this viewpoint any longer, and have received a reply from them which says: –

“Thank you for your email and my apologies for a slight delay in replying. I am afraid that your assessment is generally correct in terms of our involvement.

“As a matter of record I have retrieved the original file and correspondence on this which goes back to 1969 when the Fund granted £1,000 to IOW County Council. Around that period Rees Jeffreys supported many roadside rests across the country. Rests were also supported at other IOW locations – Nansen Hill, Gore Quarry, Yarmouth and Carisbrooke Castle. Maintenance is sadly a matter that comes up from time to time with roadside rests.

“This as I am sure you will understand is the responsibility in this case of the local council. Rees Jeffreys contribution was to meet the cost of physical works to create the original viewpoint. You will need to ask your local council, therefore, to assist in this matter.

“Rees Jeffreys is still active in its charitable work but in recent years has focused more on education and research rather than physical projects. When it does intervene it works with agencies like the Wildlife Trust.

“I am sorry I cannot be of any greater assistance to you with this but I hope you will appreciate the reasons why.”

Disappointed visitors
While I was at the viewpoint, a couple of tourists on bicycles stopped and were also very disappointed that there was no view from the seats. I think that it is a great shame that this view point has been allowed to get into this condition.

Perhaps The Council could undertake to maintain the amenities that used to make the Isle of Wight a wonderful place to holiday.

This Google Street view image which gives a clue to the view if it could be seen from the viewpoint.

Leeson Rd viewpoint -

OnTheWight have asked the council who is responsible for ensuring the hedge is maintained at a level which allows a view to be seen and will update once we hear back. Ed

Thursday, 25th August, 2016 3:19pm


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Email updates?
Geoff parsons

Viewpoint car park at Blackgang is the same. All you get is a view of the hedge not one of the best views on the island

Rupert Besley

Good letter, good point. (The hedge at Blackgang I particularly regretted last time I visited – and I’m sorry to hear it doesn’t seem to have been tackled yet.)


Perhaps it’s time for some “guerrilla gardeners” to take direct action!!

Mike Kirby

We’ve a similar situation on the other side of Ventnor outside our house in Castle Road. Outstanding panoramic views blocked by overgrown trees beneath, unfortunately growing on private land.


where I live one can barely see sometimes due to trees and bushes which are overgrown and left that way by the council for ages.
someone should really do something about this.