Letter: Isle of Wight council, (please) don’t leave me hangin’ on the telephone

This reader says he was waiting for an hour on a call to the Isle of Wight council (to talk about fire alarms). Have you had similar problems or has it been great?

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Has anyone tried to contact Isle of Wight County Hall recently? Is it possible?

I needed to talk to someone in the fire dept today regarding fire alarms but had no idea of the extension number. I phoned and hung on for a whole hour without the call being answered.

Give us extension numbers
In this day and and age of the Internet surely a list of the department extension numbers could be detailed online.

We are past the time when we are expected to apply in writing for our basic services.

What happens if you turn up in person? Do they just ignore you the way the phones are ignored?

Not brain surgery
Answering public enquiries is not brain surgery and should be sorted quickly.

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Monday, 16th April, 2018 3:38pm


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Email updates?

My experience with the council is that they do not want you to phone a particular department; they want you to phone the switchboard and that person will try and answer your question. It is most frustrating when you know fine well that the switchboard person is not answering your question but will only refer you if they so deem to do so.


Yes, I too have been left dangling for an hour. I was calling about council tax benefit during August and when I was finally answered I was told in an offhand manner that most people in the office were on holiday and “this’ll teach you not to move house in the Summer!”