Letter: Pub will lose trade due to roadworks

What do you do when your business is affected by something out of your control asks one reader.

New Inn:

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with readers. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch. This letter from Amie Sutherland from the New Inn in Shalfleet. Ed

The road outside the New Inn will be closed for three weeks from 15th April from the garage in Shalfleet up to the traffic lights before you get to the New Inn.

This is for essential works required by Southern Water, which the New Inn will not be compensated for, who will unfortunately miss a great deal of trade as it’s on the drive by-route.

Massive impact on trade
After the first three weeks, there’ll be six weeks of temporary traffic lights, causing delays on what is an essential route.

In this already difficult climate how are businesses meant to cope when things occur out of their control, which has a massive impact on trade?

Customers can still get to the pub, from Carisbrooke they would need to take the Calbourne Road, then onto the B3401 which would bring them out at The Horse and Groom, then they can drive down to the New Inn.

Alternatively if they were coming from Cowes or from Forest Road they can head along the Yarmouth Road and then cut down Elm Lane, then turn right onto the Newport Road and head towards the B3401, turn right onto Station Road then up towards Ningwood, where they can then drive down to the pub.

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Thursday, 11th April, 2013 11:30am


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Fantastic pub, have lovely food and some fantastic steaks. I’ll be supporting you.


As well as the lost trade at the Pub what about all the cars and commercial vehicles heading to and from the Yarmouth Ferry.
Elm Lane and Wilmingham Lane will become like major trunk roads.

Fred Karno
This is a complete joke. One of the Main Roads on the Island closed for three weeks. Who are the clowns who allow this to happen? The utility companies are making millions of pounds profit annually from all of us. Southern Water should be made to work around the clock, 24 hours a day on any job like this on a main road and thereby get the… Read more »
If they did work around the clock, residents would complain about the noise. If they didnt bother to do the work, residents would complain when the water coming out of their tap is filthy or nonexistent due to broken pipes. Lake has had around 18 months of roadworks, first water then gas. No businesses have closed as a result. This is a 3 week inconvenience. If you… Read more »
real ale

This is taking moaning and winghing to a new level.
Why can’t such a negative be turned into a positive and adapt accordingly?
The article includes an alternative route to the pub!

what is the saying, no such thing as bad advertising??


This type of thing should be done out of season.