Letter: Save Newport Harbour from ‘final ruin’, says Newport Harbour Group

This reader says he believes the Harbour Revision Order will, in his opinion, allow the Council to cause the final ruin of ‘our’ harbour in Newport.

Newport harbour:

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers – unsurprisingly they don’t always reflect the views of this publication. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch and of course, your considered comments are welcome below. This from Christopher Dodd, Newport. Ed

This is an urgent appeal to all those Isle of Wight residents, visitors, tax payers who have affection for our lovely old harbour here at Newport.

The harbour we love is actually a Dept. of Transport registered Municipal Port still, just, working. It is used importing thousands of tons of aggregates every year, has some boatyard uses, but is mostly used for leisure boating of all kinds. It is undoubtedly a community asset, but it is owned and, in my view, utterly neglected by the IW Council. Hence its very run down state. If only they could give it some TLC.

Harbour Revision Order
Now this Council is applying for quite drastic new powers in a new Harbour Revision Order which will, in my opinion, allow the Council to cause the final ruin of ‘our’ harbour.

Details can be viewed in County Hall or on the Marine Management Organisation Website. There will be a Facebook page to look at soon with lots of info. In the meantime please contact the Newport Harbour Group secretary on cwd28@live.com

Please will everyone willing to support our harbour agree to object to this dangerous Order which will become legal if we do nothing. There is a deadline for objections in about a month’s time.

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Wednesday, 4th April, 2018 5:43pm


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Email updates?

Very worrying. Newport Harbour and Quay could be a thriving, busy place with cafes, craft places, shops etc. Other similar places have regenarted their harbour areas successfully.


And if it looked like everywhere else why would people come to visit? I hear tourism is still the major income for the Island but I see lots of poor, badly designed developments. Let us be an example of how good it can be and not the worse from elsewhere.


Newport Harbour certainly needs attention, but IWC is the last bunch who should be allowed to get involved. The Revision Order must be resisted/objected to. Newport Harbour Group has taken on an essential role and deserves our support.


I don’t know anything about the Harbour Revision Order, but I do know IWC are inviting tenders from firms to draw up a masterplan for the harbour area.