Letter: Thanks for the helping hand during recent floods

Carolyn Davies shares some detail of the good work of a couple of Islanders during the flooding from the recent storms.

Water on road

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I would just like to tell you of the good brave work of Debby and Martin Walder at Blackwater, Road Newport.

On Monday night a drain got blocked outside their home, so Martin went out to unblock it.

Then Debby and Martin slowed down traffic that was traveling too fast to let them know that there was a two foot deep flood just around the bend and to drive on the other side of the road.

Martin stayed out in the bad weather for two hours.

I would like to say well done to the for their kindness on such a dreadful night when they could have stayed indoors in the warm and dry.

I am sure there were many others out there helping on the Island.

Image: corpsnewengland under CC BY 2.0

Saturday, 28th December, 2013 11:20am


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  1. We had to do something! The water on the road was rising dangerously close to the house! Round the corner before the cricket ground it was 2 feet under water. Martin spent 2 hours slowing traffic down – amazing how many drivers ignored us – and thus got stuck in the water! Serves you right!! Contrary to what my sister said to me later – I was NOT playing in the puddles!!!! From Debby Walder

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