Letter: The UK Government is not following the science as we rush out of lockdown

This reader believes the Government are ignoring the Coronavirus science, rather than following it

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This from Hans Bromwich, Cowes. Ed

The Government is not following the Coronavirus science, it is ignoring it.

The handling of this pandemic throughout has been one cock-up after another, first with herd immunity, then PPE, testing, care home infections etc etc. It has been a total shambles leading to the highest death count for any European Country.

As we rush to unlock the lockdown to supposedly save the economy, there is no reason to believe the trajectory of chaos will end in the government’s quest to become ‘world class’ exemplars of incompetence and stupidity.

Monday, 1st June, 2020 8:44am


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I totally agree with you Hans,could’nt put it better myself,however when all this is over,if ever,you’ll still have idiots voting Tory.
They never learn.

Absolutely! The fundamental mistake the Government made was not to prepare adequately for a pandemic, as they claimed they were doing. Why not? Because of their obsessive policy of austerity since the recession of 2008, they did not stockpile PPE and other vital equipment. There followed a chaotic catalogue of mistakes, as listed by Hans, made by a leadership that didn’t follow the example of those countries,… Read more »
Mark L Francis

The trick is to get different scientists to say all different things, have your boy Dominic sitting in on SAGE then Dom can tell you which view to pick. The public can only judge who was right when you total up the butcher’s bill. 40,000 was it?


They reckon the unofficial total is running at 65,000, with 8000 new infections a day


65000 deaths that is, not infections


Is that deaths from the virus or deaths from the lockdown?

Oh, how we all watched in horror as China struggled with hundreds of unexpected deaths in January! We saw those returning from Wuhan, escorted by coach + put into quarantine. Then again we watched as it was announced how many lives the Covid 19 virus had claimed. This country’s Government had many weeks to prepare for the arrival of Covid 19. First Spain, then Italy…thousands of people… Read more »
When did science ever come into government handling of C-19? All that we have had is a series of belated panic measures that have not prevented the spread of the disease and that have been hugely damaging to the socio-economic wellbeing of the nation. The clues were there at the outset when advisors such as Prof. Neil Ferguson, Catherine Calderwood & Dominic Cummings all decided that social… Read more »

“Supposedly” save the economy?