Letter: Time to properly fund the NHS and social care system

Paul Schofield shares an open letter to the Isle of Wight MP and calls for proper funding for the NHS and the wider social care system.

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Paul Schofield shares his open letter to Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Andrew Turner. Ed

Dear Mr Turner

On Wednesday I watched Theresa May answering questions in Parliament, on the lunchtime news (Watch on Parliament TV jump to 12.03).

I am extremely sorry to say that both my wife and I are singularly unimpressed at her total lack of response, lack of strategy, lack of acknowledgement, and apparent lack of care towards the problems which beset the NHS, and of course the Social Care system.

More funding is urgently required
It is clear, to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, that more funding is urgently required to both services, and we certainly do not wish to hear any more meaningless platitudes, it is obvious that action is needed, and it is needed fast.

I trust you will not regale us with stories of how “well?” the NHS has been funded, and how the problem is that the population is living longer.

Plenty of time to prepare
The increase in average life expectancy has been known to be coming for a long time, yet the response from the Government has been to inadequately prepare or fund for this, and, astonishingly, to severely cripple the ability of Councils to provide Social Services by repeatedly cutting Government funding to them, even though the link to NHS overloading is so very well known.

No acting in a civilised manner
I believe it was a Native American Indian who said that you can judge a civilisation by how it treats its sick and elderly people.

At the moment, this Country is certainly not treating many of them in a civilised manner.

Image: Trades Union Congress under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 12th January, 2017 10:21am


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Email updates?

Well said Paul.


Well written letter. What is the bet his reply comes back blaming previous goverments. I will be attending the March in London as im so incensed. Parts of the country have services privatised. It is part of the stratergy run it down until it fails. Then the bugle blows and the magic answer is to privatise everything.

Skippy, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Privatisation is the key to understanding what this government intends for the NHS. Starve the NHS of funding to run it down, then accuse NHS Trusts of mismanagement when they can’t make their books balance. Corporate lobbyists are working hard behind the scenes to persuade government ministers to act in their interests. They have already persuaded the European Commission… Read more »

Excellent letter. If only a certain MP could be so forthright.
Please let us know the response, Paul. We may want to use it come May’s elections…


A meaningful, enforced, property tax on second houses would be a start, do you not think Mr Turner?

Do you not think that the NHS should start charging? If you go out and get drunk, fall over and damage yourself, why should those of us that don’t pay for it? If you fall off a ladder and break your leg because you can’t be bothered to make sure your workspace is secure and safe, why should those of us that do pay for you? If… Read more »
The problem with that plan is: Man falls off ladder and is taken to A&E. He’s fixed up and sent home. The NHS then gets a tip-off that he wasn’t using safe working practices and investigates (£££) They find him liable and ask him to pay. He refuses, they take him to court (£££££) He is found liable by the court. He appeals (££££££) The court of… Read more »
You have to query Govt. spending priorities. Do we really need or can we afford atomic weapons which if used will destroy the world as we know it, does a country as small as ours need two enormous aircraft carriers, even China with its huge GDP and population only has one, and that was bought second hand off Ukraine. Surely it is time to go back to… Read more »

With Putin as the POTUS (or, at least, pulling his strings), yes, we need the Nukes.

We need Nukes? Just like Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Poland do, just to name the non-nuclear states that actually border Russia. Nuclear weapons are huge waste of taxpayers funds that would be better spent on the NHS. They didn’t even deter Argentina from invading the Falklands, nor were they of any use regaining the islands. But I suppose it gets… Read more »

Surely nobody who has experienced the much greater efficiency of many European health systems can continue to support the broken, inefficient lumbering dinosaur that is the NHS. Anything free at point of contact will be abused; missed appointments, inappropriate self referral, etc.,etc. If you want a great health system get rid of this one.

Entirely agree with Paul. I was particularly frustrated by Jeremy Hunt talking about how people are really satisfied with the service we get from the National Health Service – as if the credit for that was the government’s. In fact it is greatly to the credit of National Health Service staff that they keep on working and doing such a wonderful job, when they’re getting slagged off… Read more »
Whilst I sympathise with the sentiment of your letter Paul, my difficulty is what constitutes ‘proper ‘ funding. The Blair government bunged millions of extra funding to the NHS with minimal effect on patient benefit. The government forces NHS trusts to hand over millions to local authorities to fund ‘social care’ but don’t recognise it. Jeremy hunt doesn’t even understand the difference between recurring and non recurring… Read more »
I also wrote to Turner on this issue, I asked him why he voted against more money for Social care and NHS services for the Island when they are in such a crisis. Haven’t had a reply yet and don’t expect one. Though he has replied about the Homelessness Bill one I sent through a Shelter campaign, which was actually sent after the email about social care… Read more »
Did anyone see the story today about the American dementia sufferer dumped by his family in Britain? I think it was widely covered and provides good evidence that the rest of the world thinks we are a soft touch when it comes to health and social care. It does make one wonder how often our health and social care service is being used by those who should… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

And the conclusion of the story is that UK authorities traced him, and sent him back to LA where he’s in the care of the local authorities there.

So it provides evidence that we don’t accept patients being dumped on us, and we do return them to the care of those who should be responsible. It’s actually a story showing that we’re not a soft touch, isn’t it.


please tell me we also sent the US a bill for his care whilst he was with us….

No? I thought not.

Yes, we are a soft touch. It has to stop. We cannot provide for the whole world.

Other countries manage to get their health billing systems in place and working, why can’t we?


Please climb back under whatever rock you crawled out from under.

As I said earlier, not even the Daily Mail considered this a suitable story for a “health tourist” rant.


That is truly pathetic. Totally and utterly pathetic!

Even the Daily Mail, which doesn’t miss an opportunity to play the “health tourist” card, doesn’t take that line about this story.