Letter To The Editor: Join Our Peaceful Protest

Organisers of the Occupy IOW rally tomorrow have their say and invite others to join them tomorrow from noon at St Thomas’ Square

We’re always happy to share letters to the editor from VB readers. Those organising tomorrow’s Occupy IW rally have sent in this letter to share. Ed

Occupy protesterI sincerely thank you for your coverage of the Occupy Isle of Wight Rally which will be taking place at 12 O’clock tomorrow in St. Thomas’ Square in Newport.

We are excited to have some knowledgeable speakers joining us tomorrow, including Mark Chiverton and Tanja Rebel, so we look forward to hearing their perspective on the global banking crisis and the cuts.

OccupyIOW is a peaceful rally intended to bring people together from all social classes, political backgrounds, ethnicities and religions to raise awareness that the current financial system globally is unsustainable, undemocratic and unjust and is the root cause of the savage cuts and austerity measures we are facing here on the Island.

Bear it’s burden without complaint?
In 1863 Bankers, The Rothschild Brothers, wrote the following to associates in New York:

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

Well, the great body of people have realised, and are no longer willing to bear its burden without complaint!

We are no longer ignorant to the price to be paid for the ecological and human imbalance “needed” in order that a minority of our species can perpetuate an illusionary position of dominion via fractionally reserved, interest based, fiat money and the “religion” of consumeristic exponential growth based on the precious resources of our finite planet.

Globally, 1% of people hold nearly half the wealth while the other 99% share the other half.

We are the 99%
Islanders are ALL in the 99%. From doctors to council staff, from teachers to road sweepers, from children to pensioners, from students to librarians, we are ALL the 99%.

One Island resident said, “I’m sick of struggling to get by while the “fat cats” live a life of luxury. We are the people. We cook your food, deliver your mail, look after you in hospital…..without us you are nothing so why should we be made to struggle??”

Another said, “I am in this as a shout out against GREED and CORRUPTION which are evident at Corporate, Government and Local Government and in all walks of life if we are to be true to ourselves. As a movement OCCUPY is successful as it is a moral rather than political force and wants changes in attitudes and beliefs”.

Demand an end to global tax injustice
We do not accept the cuts as either necessary or inevitable. We demand an end to global tax injustice and our democracy representing corporations instead of the people.

We refuse to pay for the banking crisis with our jobs and services while the 1%, the bankers and corporate bosses, continue to pay themselves £Billions in bonuses with the tax payers money used to bail them out of the mess they created.

Peaceful rally
We must stress that this is a PEACEFUL rally and we ask that people respect the views of opinions of others as they would want their own to be. We should respect the rights of individuals to hold an opinion different to our own and embrace them even if they are different to ours. The wonderful thing about the occupy movement is that their are no leaders.

The movement gives real people a chance to come together and find common ground on which to work towards solving the problems that are endemic in our society today, while experiencing a sense of solidarity with people around the world who want global change towards a fairer and more just world.

We’re not professional protesters
Some people have been critical of the Occupy movement such as the Vectis radio presenter Paddy McHugh, who was under the misconception that this is somehow organised by “professional protesters” from the mainland, and that the only people protesting will be unemployed with nothing better to do.

Of course this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Occupy Isle of Wight is facilitated by Islanders from all walks of life, who can clearly see the links between the international financial crisis and the savage cuts we are experiencing here on the Island.

Supporting those who have lost their jobs
Sadly, of course, unemployment on the Island is rising, as covered in your article of the 12th of October, and as we see more cuts to public sector jobs and wages I’m sure we will see the 3.5% figure rise.

I am sure that the view of one presenter doesn’t represent the view of the whole of the Vectis Radio organisation though, and of course as an individual we as a movement respect his right to free speech.

We are delighted to have the best wishes of the church and the support of the police.

Join us tomorrow, whether you are concerned about your pension, your job security, your social care, your floating bridge, or the many other cuts affecting YOU the 99%.

In Solidarity

Occupy Isle Of Wight

Image: Druc 14 under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 4th November, 2011 4:29pm


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Steve The YAK

It’s impossible to eradicate GREED and CORRUPTION from human beings! It’s human nature. It’s in our genes!
It all began when Adam started nicking the apples and flogging them at the local market!…would you Adam and Eve it?


Spot on Steve. Greed is endemic in society which is mitigated by people having a social conscience. Unfortunately, today many live by the maxim “I’m first, me second, if there’s any left I’ll have it. Most of the problems faced by Britain is the greed of industrialists sending work abroad to make even more profit, thus giving foreigners jobs instead of us. Very dispiriting.

Wight Cynic


mark francis

It’s not about eradicating greed but containing it.
Violence is also endemic but we have laws designed to contain it, rather than have our society run (entirely)by its principles.

Of course it’s impossible to eliminate greed, but as Mark Francis says the point is how we try to control it so that society is as fair as possible. British society now is extremely unfair, with the richest getting way more than their fair share, while the poorest are hardly able to keep themselves housed and fed. And there’s no correlation between how hard somebody works, or… Read more »

Whilst not wanting to attack the movement – here or anywhere – the only real difference between the 1% and the 99% is something called ‘accident of birth’. It’s way, way too simplistic too blame the 1%. And even if you could, what responsibility would the 99% care to take?

Louis Henry

I do like the Rothschilds’ quote, it puts the point very clearly. The financial situation might be very complex but it comes down to what is taught in every primary school: we should care and share. This is a moral issue, the very wealthy should be highly embarrassed about having such an unequal share. Good luck on Saturday.

Alex Beresford

Strange, I would’ve thought the Rothschild brothers’ spelling and punctuation better than that. Confusing “it’s” with “its” so many times in the same paragraph just goes to show that even billions can’t necessarily buy you a decent education! And, in this context, it’s “dependent” not “dependant”.

Sally Perry

My fault, I said that I would proofread it, made changes but it appears they didn’t save. Will update as soon as I can.

Mr J

I do understand the frustration – but find the arguments a little muddled. If I were to attend this gathering, I’m not sure what I would be supporting? Nor could I be certain who we are blaming, nor even what I wanted done about any of it?


We also have Geoff Lumley confirmed as a speaker tomorrow. Please come forward tomorrow if you would like to say anything, everybody’s views are welcome and meaningful action will only come from meaningful dialogue.

Mr J

It’s a pity you now have the two most prominent Island Labour people involved. It does rather turn this into a left-wing rant against the wicked Tories?


If any Tory representatives would like to come down tomorrow and speak they would be more than welcome, this is about everyone having their say. Mr Turner was informed about the event but we have not had a response.


Don’t the Tories own the capitalist companies that exploit the 99%?

I’ll be there.

Steephill Jack
What happens in Athens in the next few days will be a lot more significant than what happens in Newport tomorrow. The age of revolutions is not yet past,and this could be the first domino to fall. Last time it was Lehman Bros. who were the first investment bank to fall. Next time perhaps a nation, then the Euro, then… we live in interesting times. Sorry, but… Read more »
Don Smith

Please keep your children at home.

Steve The YAK

I’ll have a job Don. They’re aged 20, 33, and 40, and will most likely tell me not to go!


I know how you feel Steve. I was pushing my lad on a swing the other day. He said “I don’t wish to be rude Dad, but I must pick up the wife now!”

Don Smith

I would not class your children as ‘Children’; however you know your kids better than I do:-)

I. Reader

“Please keep your children at home”…
…and under no circumstances allow them to become aware of the economic & environmental crises they are bequeathed, in case they object?

Mr J
I have decided not to attend. It’s not enough to object to any political or financial system, without proposing an alternative. The people organising this protest / sit-in / demo, seem to have not a clue what we might do instead? The fact that Labour seem to have taken control is not helpful either. Until 18 months ago, Lumley and Chiverton’s party were in total control of… Read more »
Jane & Steve
Many of us supporting this world-wide movement are aware that party politics is an irrelevance that has failed to prevent the avoidable harm inflicted on us all environmentally & financially. (Although a lucky percentage currently remain immune from hardship). We are happy to associate with anybody who actually cares about the mess we are in and wants to do something to improve things for all of us.… Read more »
You are right there Mr J. If the government was suddenly changed and run by the protestors (as in Libya)they would find governing a country is like knitting fog. How would they unpick decades of capitalism and adherence to the global economy model. Over 70% of our GDP is run by foreigners. Suppose they wanted to reduce gas and electric prices for the masses as an example.… Read more »

its very easy really..first stop thinking of people in terms of ‘foreigner’..we are part of a global economy..it doesn’t matter who owns a business just that their are businesses and they are responsible

and capitalism dos not have to be removed..we just have to change the face from that of a bank manager, queen or politician to one of person with a real life and problems


Unfortunately No5 that’s exactly how those foreigners treat us – as foreigners. So when there is a downturn and people have to be made redundant, is it German and French workers wo are laid off? No, the first port of call for the sack is those foreigners in Blighty. Germany and France always comes first.


This is just nonsense with not one speck of evidence to support it. Our local example being Vectas who laid of more staff from scandanavia before laying of the workers on The Island and .

Just very sad Mr Mullery


without foreign investors and foreign industry following the Tory destruction of manufacturing and heavy industry in the 80’s,there would be no industry here at all…and yes the Unions played there part….but it is ‘johnny foreinger’ who baled us out

Mr Justice
Ask yourself why the wicked Tories would want to close their own manufacturing plants? The answer is, they wouldn’t, unless the British workforce were uncompetitive or the tax regime was better elsewhere. The usual drivel about Maggie ‘destroying jobs’ is exactly that, drivel. As always, the reason so many British jobs went abroad is complex, just as the Germans now build cars in Eastern Europe, Brazil or… Read more »
Victoria Meldrew

They would all be better employed having a sit in at County Hall. Don’t recall Lumley speaking out when Labour were in ! I assume none of these people have a bank account …..a stint living in China may cure their ailment.

Geoff Lumley
P…I mean V. I think you will find that I was expressing concern at the implications of the bank bailouts back in 2008. The banks should have been lent the money by government in my view and should be expected to pay it back so that our public services do not have to be destroyed. The banks had to be helped to protect pensioners etc, but they… Read more »

The banks should not have been supported, only people’s savings. If Northern Rock had been allowed to fail it would have nipped it all in the bud. We should have one national savings bank and one national investment bank run under public ownership.


Mmmm – Civil servants are *really* good at running things are’nt they….

vanessa churchman
With regard to Tories being the ‘capitalists’ I would point out that Richard Branson has always been a Socialist, along with many other prominent business people. The problem is too often human nature gives in to greed and then blames others for the problems that then result. We have all been living beyond our means for too long and now the bill has arrived we are all… Read more »

MORE THAN 300 cleaners employed by Carlisle Cleaning and Support Services on the Virgin West Coast Mainline contract are to target Sir Richard Branson in a fight to end poverty pay on the prestige route.

Supporting the Labour Party doesn’t mean you are a socialist.


I quite agree with you, Vanessa.

Jeez, Ms Churchman is that it? After everything that has been said & done, written & commented upon, the best you could come up with was the irrelevant Beckhams. Are you really saying that a family who happen to shift a few t-shirts is the cause or even a symbol of the global debt crisis, the excesses, the banking frauds, exploitation, the political disconnection, the inequality, the… Read more »
The list of 1% as opposed to the 99% is symbolically representative of the topmost rich in contrast to the 99% that represent the rest of the average population. In reality, today, the financial oligarchy is the richest and most powerful. This Finance Capital draws from global financiers. In general they take more out of society than they put in. It is important to identify the financial… Read more »
Ryde and East Wight Trades Council, at its last meeting, discussed strategic issues on the island and focussed its thoughts on the way that monopoly companies and consecutive governments (including the local council) have taken more out of the island economy than has been put in. This is a destructive policy that undermines investment. The alternative is putting more in than is taken out. Wightlink Ferries, in… Read more »
Class-war Warrior
The 99% get our pension funds invested by these big banks. The 1% may well get a quick buck off the back of that, but without growth, the working man wouldn’t have a pension. Your arguments are conveniently over-simplistic. You happily ignore the Labour years of power. I think government and local government worker pensions are far more threatening to our general economic well being than any… Read more »
Class-war Warrior

By the way, do we know how many attended the protest yet?

Bash the banker

Apparently only twenty showed up?

Wight Cynic

Well, judging by the photo on the County Press website, not even that.


over 50 actuallu

Another West Wight resident

Does’t look as if it was anything like 50 from the YouTube clip on IW Radio. Just a handful of left wing nutters.

Sally Perry

We missed the speeches, having got there quite late (after 1pm), and I counted 31 people involved in the meeting, be it those talking or those listening.

Grow up

Spoken like a true right-wing nutter?

Left & right playground behaviour is not going to produce the urgent change needed to overcome our huge environmental and financial problems, is it?

My vote will always be for clever, not for stupid.

Have you thought about anything that might actually halt and reverse our chaos? Would you care to share your thoughts for our future? Or are you too busy name-calling?

Jane Edmunds

I object and find it unacceptable to be call a ‘left Winged nutter’ I was at the protest in the square to show my concerns about what is happening on the Island in England and Globally. I am someone who has held a responsible professional job all my life, paid taxes and been a lawful citizen. Do not assume and judge.

Ryde Queen

I walked past about half twelve and it was less than 20, that includes the media, Turner and the Labour people. Very disappointing. Where was everybody?


Vodaphone and BHS

Ryde Queen

Early Christmas shopping, Marks was very busy :)


Hillarious Ryde Queen! A whole 50 took over the Wight! Streuth, I bet Cameron is quaking in his boots!

had enough
one of the aims of the occupy movement is to start a dialogue going on how things could change. people feel disenfrancished and want to be a part of the decision making, we want to be listened to by our political leaders. When people hear that the chancellor of the exchequor the very same man who is imposing billions of pounds worth of cuts, stashes his millions… Read more »
Steephill Jack

So maybe you should demand better when you next go to vote, but who will you vote for ?


Don’t you just hate it when parents make their children protest? ug. (I realise that picture has no association with OIW.) I thoroughly support any propest, small or large, to bring this to a wider press, especially on the island.


What happend yesterday was in know way peaceful!!! Having been in a shop with a young child minding my own business was confronted by people swearing and yelling taking pictures of people without permission and having a man tell me to f off when I said they were scaring my child was disgusting!!!! You should be ashamed that is NO way how to make a point!!!!!

what happened to you was unacceptable and by not the way that the majority of the protesters would act. I’m sorry that you and your son were upset by the incident. Please don’t assume that we all behave that way, because we don’t and it is always wrong to be the cause of aggravation on any demonstration. It was Vodaphone that was the target of the demonstration,… Read more »

I attended to support the aims originally stated on the Occupy website: stop ideological cuts, support fair welfare, and to campaign to stop laws and enforcement systems from being fixed to favour big business. The speakers gave good speeches but after that it got a bit tin-foil-hat, with people proposing abolishing money and other fringe beliefs, complete with cultish hand signs. I didn’t stay for the rest.

Ex right-winger
I think it’s very sad that so few people seem to care enough to get involved in politics, left, right or centre, local or national. The Island, country and world is very obviously in a terrible mess; Economic, employment, public services, housing, fuel, climate, pensions. The Greek solution is to take to the Streets in good number, but that doesn’t seem to be getting them anywhere does… Read more »
Tanja Rebel
Ex-right-winger, you are right up to a point: Most people are now at a loss and don’t know how to proceed from here. It is a hard place to be, but that is not the end of it. Rather, it is the beginning of something new! Chaos often precedes big changes and we are living in transitional times. There will be turmoil for quite a while, but… Read more »
Not looking too good for old Blighty at the moment. I read in the Times yesterday that Mexico will soon overtake us as an industrialied nation. An advanced nation must have a sound manufacturing base. I am not a fan of Digby Jones but he was correct when he said “we have to make and sell things that leave these shores and don’t come back”. We are… Read more »

I totally agree

I would be the last person to deny that there is much that is wrong with the way World Economies are run. However my memory of Communist regimes in places like Hungary, USSR and China suggest that so called Socialist regimes don’t exactly bring about equality either. And as for the paradise of Cuba don’t forget the thousands who risked life and limb fleeing to the USA.… Read more »
mark francis

Whereas the number of Mexicans trying to get into the USA has only dropped off due to the huge numbers being murdered by gangsters.