Letter to the Editor: The Big Conversation With Nicole Foss

All welcome to talk by academic Nicole Foss where she’ll offer impartial and truthful assessment of how things are changing on the larger scale, and how that filters down to every one of us within our extended community. Take place Wed 4th July at Riverside Centre, Newport 7pm.

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor from VB readers. This one from Alison Day-Logan shares details of an upcoming event that readers might be interested in. Ed

Dear Community,

Nicole Foss:Given the ever ongoing financial and attached social problems that barrage the news on a now daily basis, we decided to step back and think about the driving factors.

It has become clear that things have fallen into disarray as there neither seems to be the understanding, nor the will shown to view the situation in a holistic fashion.

An evaluated overview is needed
Understandably, with modern life moving at such a complex, break neck speed, it’s no mean feat to undertake an evaluated overview of just where we’re at, and just where we’re going.

The big issues can be ignored or misunderstood as people are so busy with the distractions and demands of every day life, however at some point we must address them in their entirety, and thankfully there are those that are enabled to fulfil such a vocation and can provide some clarity for us all.

Talk by Nicole Foss
Nicole Foss, is indeed one of those people, and she has very kindly agreed to come to the Island to share her knowledge and professional analyses with us.

She will offer us an impartial and truthful assessment of how things are changing on the larger scale, and how that filters down to every one of us within our extended community.

Her academic qualifications include a BSc in biology from Carleton University in Canada (where she focused primarily on neuroscience and psychology), a post-graduate diploma in air and water pollution control, the common professional examination in law and an LLM in international law in development from the University of Warwick in the UK. She was granted the University Medal for the top science graduate in 1988 and the law school prize for the top law school graduate in 1997. She is also co-editor of The Automatic Earth.

Great opportunity
We have an obligation to inform ourselves (and future generations) both on an individual and community level, this conversation is a great opportunity to allow us to do that, and perhaps be a spark for some creative dialogue throughout our extended communities thereafter.

No matter what role you play in society … you are an integral part of the community at large, so please … come to the talk, and join this much needed conversation.

Nicole has kindly offered to also set aside some time to liaise with representatives of the business community, and council members should they wish to take advantage of her advice.

On that note, every parish and town councillor shall receive a copy of this open letter as means of an invitation.

£5 donation
Event takes place on Wednesday 4th July (6pm for a 7pm start) at the Riverside Centre in Newport Quay.

A donation of £5 is asked for costs. Advance pre-booking by calling 07850 081 585 or pay on the door.

Sunday, 24th June, 2012 3:17pm


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Don’t hold your breath in expecting our Tory Councillors to attend – especially if you expect them to pay a fiver.

What you refer to is good old fashioned organisation – not the free for all deregulation which got us into this mess in the first place.

You should know that our arrogant Tory councillors brook no criticism. Your suggestions will be called “drivel”.


It’s a catalyst for some public conversation though, some clarity and perspective, which in turn will help people ascertain certain things.

The riverside centre will be utilised so it really should be thought of as a donation,community funds at work.

Perhaps the councillors could still donate without attending, £5 for a succinct education sounds like a great deal to me.


This is a great opportunity to have a professional lay it out and give a clear understanding of the bigger picture.

And a minimal donation of a fiver is well worth the information you’ll gain.

If the council are invited and don’t show it’ll show a lot and steer my vote in future local elections.

Will be attending with full enthusiasm

The invite is open to everyone, if the conservatives choose not to be represented at such an important event it will be very telling in itself, so I hope very much that people from all walks of life attend. However with the help of ‘our’ civil servants the changes needed will be bought about more painlessly than without. The money requested is a donation & not compulsary,… Read more »
Julia Hill
I cannot agree more that we (the community) could benefit from an understanding of the bigger picture. The cuts we have felt to all of our services,the mass privatisation of our infrastucture, the banking collapse and the environmental crisis are all symptoms of a global illness. At a community level we become focused on the symptoms rather than the cause and like with any illness we should… Read more »
Tanja Rebel
I agree fully with Julia: The cuts and current environmental issues are all symptoms of a more deep-seated problem. Fighting them is a bit like quenching fires – it is necessary, but it does not cut to the roots. If we are to tackle the problem itself we need to aim for a fundamental change of awareness at decision making level. Nicole Foss’ talk will help create… Read more »
Robin Whitehead

There are some interesting insights and observations of our societal and economic problems by Neil Fergusson who is currently delivering the Reith lectures on Radio 4. Worth a listen.


Indeed, and being a ‘historian’ with an economic bent he’s well placed for ‘interesting’ things.