Letter: What happened to Mothering Sunday?

Steve Parkes shares his views on the commercialism of Mothering Sunday.


We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with readers. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch. This letter from Steve Parkes. Ed

What’s all this “Mother’s Day” business?

My family has always celebrated Mothering Sunday, a fine old tradition; what it’s NOT is a commercial occasion for the benefit of greeting card manufacturers and gift shops and anyone else who can climb on the bandwagon and part us from our cash.

I’m not suggesting that we don’t spend money on our Mothers, but let’s put the emphasis back on Mamma and not on Mammon!

Image: Garland Cannon under CC BY 2.0

Sunday, 10th March, 2013 8:54am


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  1. Jane Edmunds

    10.Mar.2013 1:30pm

    So so agree. I was woken up to breakfast in bed and flowers, one daughter and three grandchildren all on the bed. What fun I did not need anything else. I felt loved and appreciated which as a Mum is all I require.

  2. Lady at the back

    10.Mar.2013 1:40pm

    Ah. One year I told my then teenage daughter that Mother’s Day had become too commercialised and that she should not waste her money on a card or present. She should save it for something she wanted, I remember adding. She did -three Bacardi breezers at a university bash… I didn’t repeat that mistake, and next year enjoyed the customary card and small gift. I suppose it did show that she listened to me (sometimes).


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