Library Campaigners To Meet Department for Culture Media & Sport

Library campaigners ask you to email them questions for their meeting with the The Department for Culture Media & Sport

A letter in from Dave and Serena from Friends of Isle of Wight Libraries. Ed

dcms logoThe Department for Culture Media & Sport have invited three of us to visit the department to discuss our campaign with them.

The Isle of Wight Council were called in and have already been seen, we understand on Monday last.

As they will only see the three of us we have asked the Bembridge, Shanklin and Niton friends to put on paper their thoughts, which we can hand in to the DCMS in support of what we have to say on the day.

Email your views
On having further thoughts, perhaps it would be an idea to ask anyone who has strong views on the IWCs library plans if they could put these down, with your name and area and email them to Dave Quigley at [email protected]

They can then be added to CD that is being prepared ready to be given to them during our meeting. It is only by creating really sustained pressure can we hope to convince the DCMS that it is time they exercised their powers over the IWC and made our council carry out its statutory duty to the Island.

Thanks for donations, keep them coming
Many thanks to those of you who have sent donations, we will be sending vb an update next week showing the total raised so far, when we receive the figures from Leigh Day.

Once the meeting is finalised a press release will be issued. Please continue to donate, no matter how small or how large, so far we have received sums ranging from 50p to £50 and all are equally gratefully received and will help the legal challenge!

Dave & Serena

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Steephill Jack

Good luck, and thanks for taking this on Dave.


Since this was written, confirmation now in, the meeting at tthe DCMS is on Thurdsday 9th June.
Please keep emailing your views for our “supporting documents” file!

Steve Goodman

Well done; we will send you a submission later.
Regards, Steve & Jane