Live coverage of the Isle of Wight election count

We’re reporting live from the Count in Newport. Stay with us throughout the night for live text and video updates. Keep this page open and you’ll be alerted when new updates are added.

The count

The polling stations are set to close at 10pm and the count will then commence at Medina Leisure Centre.

There are approximately 110,000 people on the Isle of Wight eligible to vote. Once the count is complete, we’ll hear the figures for 2015, but back in 2010, a very healthy 70,387 residents voted.

Isle of Wight council bandwidth allowing, we’ll be putting out video and text updates below. Keep this page open and you’ll be alerted when new updates are added.

You’ll have to reload/refresh the page to see the new videos pop up.

Text updates

Image: adamkr under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

Thursday, 7th May, 2015 7:35pm



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6 Comments on "Live coverage of the Isle of Wight election count"

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Don Smith

Andrew Turner wins IoW Seat with a far reduced majority.
(On probation mi thinks.) Rebels may strike back.
Cameron remains PM.
A nice little double. I win.

Vix trebles her votes – Maybe next time madam.

UKIP and Independent, a close call.

Lib/Dem. Could lose deposit? Remember school fees?

Labour. Sorry brother. Maybe when we get a LINK and more intellectuals arrive.

Peace and quiet returns…I wonder!

hazel wyld

putting aside the island I am very worried for the first time ever about how the country is going to vote….SNP frighten me to death!

Don Smith

How can the SNP frighten you? They are about three hundred miles away, be brave my dear.


I see media restrictions this time have been relaxed.

Mason Watch

A huge turnout for my area. The first time queuing to vote. I am predicting a very strong UKIP vote but final result for Turner….. However we will all be voting again within 12 months as AT is not going to last much longer


Of course Turner is going to win.

There is little competition really which says a lot if all of the rubbish that’s been flying around about him is even half true.