Live coverage of the full council meeting

Follow the live discussion and debate from the September full council meeting being held at County Hall from 6pm.

county hall chamber

Members of the Isle of Wight full council will be gathering at County Hall from 6pm for their monthly meeting tonight (Wednesday).

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Isle of Wight full council meeting agenda

Wednesday, 21st September, 2016 5:45pm



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Email updates?
retired hack

Why has the chairman not called the loutish Cllr Whitehouse to order (1900hrs)?

retired hack

Is he just answering a call of nature, or is that it from him for tonight? I repeat my previous suggestion that, to qualify for the green tick on the website, councillors should be required to sign out at the end of meetings, as well as in at the beginning. And preferably behave themselves while they’re there.

Steephill Jack

Cllr Whitehouse has previously explained that he suffers from mental health problems.

Stewart Blackmore

The sound system is completely inadequate in County Hall.


Are we now allowed to criticise Cllr Whitehouse given he claims to have recovered from his self-publicised health problems?

I felt that the self-declaration of his problems a few months back made it more difficult for him to face scrutiny for his obnoxious behaviour, in case it was looked like we were kicking a vulnerable member of society.

Is he now fair game? I hope so.


He decided he’s fit to stand again, having previously promised to stand down next year.

I think that makes him fair game, (we can’t have political leaders being excused necessary behaviours and duties, can we …?). Even more so if the revelation of mental illness was a nettle grasped as his only way out at the time.


Nico, is that not a bit harsh?

Are you suggesting he played the mental health card in an opportunist public manner to neuter valid criticism which was coming his way?

I suppose it is a possibility. He is a PR man after all.

retired hack

Most unlike the man not to trumpet that piece of “news”. And I haven’t detected any such recent trumpeting…??


No Councillor it certainly does not make him or anyone else fair game who may have in the past, present or future suffered mental health issues.

You should be very careful what you say given your position in the council and unwise words can have a devastating effect on the vulnerable.

Ali Hayden.

The biggest shock of the meeting was seeing our Island MP Andrew Turner there!
Not once in three + a half years have I ever seen him attend.
Miracles do happen!

retired hack
What on earth was he doing there? As far as I can make out the only matter decided was Geoff Lumley’s motion on pensions, and I don’t see that as being high on AT’s list of priorities. So that leaves two possibilities. Either he thought the increasingly erratic Cllr Whitehouse was going to move his vote of no confidence (rather than make a fool of himself, again);… Read more »

He’d probably got a bit lost and wandered in looking for a milky drink and his carers.


The bloke has many shortcomings and I would never vote for him, but have a little respect. Or at least cut out the sarcasm. It makes you look like an utter idiot.

Steephill Jack

Turner is part of the Conservative plot to join with Hampshire CC and gain control of the Island. People who belong to political parties always put the party first.

Geoff Lumley
Thanks to the 23 Councillors still present last night who unanimously approved this important motion for many island women. Shame on Cllrs Dave Stewart and Ray Bloomfield who walked out despite being advised they had no prejudicial interest by the Council’s Monitoring Officer. Ignoring advice to avoid having to take a position being a favoured Tory tactic. Also shame on Cllrs Chris Whitehouse and Bob Blezzard who… Read more »
steve stubbings

Cllr Whitehouse’s no confidence motion was noticeably absent from all proceedings. His bluff having been well and truly called, he needed to find something else to pontificate about. The ‘hospital ball’ question he threw at his own group leader was, to say the least, bizarre.


Very Boring nico, very boring..

You have wrung every drop out of that story move on please.