Live coverage of the September full council meeting

Follow the discussions and debate at the September full council meeting from the comfort of your home of office.

Reporting with mobiles

OnTheWight will be reporting live from the council chamber for the September 2015 Full council meeting from 6pm.

The live updates that appear below from inside the chamber at County Hall will automatically refresh in the page. However, to see latest comments added to the article, you’ll need to refresh the page. Items in double brackets (()) indicate comment from the author.

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Wednesday, 2nd September, 2015 4:50pm



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They came in as Independents and are going to leave us as a Dependency.


‘Framework For Change’

retired Hack

Cllr Ward says the MP says he supports Island Line being in the franchise.
Oh he does, does he?
Cllr Ward also says he has the greatest respect for Cllr Bloomfield.
Oh he does, does he?


Perhaps Cowes Town Council who are sitting on a surplus of £200,000 should help prop up some much needed services across the island.

Lord Bermondsey

Anyone know if baby Hillards tears were due to hunger or a bit of trapped wind?

The Budget Crisis on the Isle of Wight and the Political Demands on the Government: The view of the Trades Council regarding the budget crisis for the Isle of Wight and the political demands on the Government regarding funding and the call to treat the island as a special case. In the first place the main onus should be placed upon the Government and not the council.… Read more »
Vix Lowthion
^^^ this is one of the greatest and most insightful and intelligent comments I have seen written on OTW. The island is being let down politically – by a council who see/have few options but to cut services to the bone and merge responsibilities with Hampshire where they can. And an MP who is sadly far more willing to serve his party than his constituency. Government formulas… Read more »
Albert Street

More comments from you just to keep your name in the news?

The Sciolist

You get what you vote for – and people voted for this council and the MP.

If you really want change, you need to win the argument at the ballot box, not get arrowed in your favour OTW.

Steve Goodman

A reminder that only some people might get what they vote for under the first past the post system and elected politicians subsequent policy changes and failures to deliver promises and to listen to the concerns of the electorate.

A first past the post democracy is far from ideal, but most of the other ways are worse. At least with first past the post you end up with the representative that largest number of voters wanted. With most forms of proportional representation you end up with someone that nobody really wants, but few are overtly against. Agree about failures to deliver, though. If a candidate makes… Read more »
The Sciolist
Seeing the Lib Dems help run the country was enough to convince me that dsepite their low number of Mp’s, minor parties can easily be the tail that wags the dog. Our electoral system is far from perfect, but it does work and the electorate understands it. To remove the indie council, you need to vote for a party and the party’s need to offer you a… Read more »