Live coverage of October Scrutiny Committee

Follow the goings-on in County Hall at tonight’s Scrutiny Meeting from the comfort of your sofa or office.


Members of the Scrutiny Committee are meeting this evening from 6pm at County Hall.

They’ll be looking at the agenda items for next week’s Executive meeting as well as considering the call-in of a paper that approved spending for Undercliff Drive, Totland Seawall as well as several other items affecting vulnerable people.

Image: Eva Blue under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 2nd October, 2014 5:41pm



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18:59 Vote taken on who wants tea, coffee, and biscuits:-

15 coffees black no milk, 2 teas semi skimmed with sugar, 1 latte with fair-trade beans. All those in favour say aye.

“What about the £28m black hole?”
“It’s alright we’ll leave that for another week”


The pressure is now on the Council to get enough info on the extra items (Rush Close etc) so the whole thing is not delayed further.


18:45 Cllr Lumley says that the Indie Leadership are not politicians-etc.LOL

Geoff Lumley

Don’t you get irony !


You do!

Steve Goodman

Thank you Sally; another drink owed.

Glad to see Cllr Stewart thinks it unethical and unprofessional for councillors to post OTW (18.38/40) – a good sign of their effectiveness, I think! Shows his side are getting irked, but at the same time they try to beat the Indies with the ‘openness and transparency’ stick. Talking with the public is evidently excluded from that heading – makes the offending councillors look too good! I… Read more »

“Cllr Stewart wanted to make clear that he personally thought that Totland Seawall and Undercliff Drive items on the earlier capital contingency report should not be deferred – although he voted earlier to defer the paper.”

You couldn’t make it up. And this chap thinks he can lead the Council ? Surly the Tories have got some better idiot ?


It would probably be Chris Whitehouse, in the event of Cllr Stewart winning an election. When I saw him in the Chamber not long ago I was struck by the nervous, brief consultations he made with CW, the latter looking self-confident – the body language seemed to tell it all.

The Sciolist

I would describe myself as interested in local government – but this council makes little sense. Gawd knows what the man in the street thinks, no wonder people don’t vote if this is what happens when the party system fails.