Catch up: Isle of Wight councillors debate changes to Constitution, polling districts and more

Follow our live coverage of the Isle of Wight council November meeting as they consider and debate a number of issues

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Isle of Wight councillors will meet virtually tonight (Wednesday 18th Nov from 5pm) for the November full council meeting.

The agenda for the meeting includes several motions by councillors, including two from the ruling group, as well as changes to the Constitution and a review of polling places and districts.

Follow our live coverage below to see what was discussed and how councillors vote on the agenda items.

Updates appear below – anything contained within ((double brackets)) is comment by the author.

Image: Glenn Carstens-Peters under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 18th November, 2020 4:50pm



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One has to admire Cllr Ward for sheer affrontary concerning the public question about pedestrians crossing the road by the mini roundabout. His assertion that this is just a perception rather than a reality shows his hopeless ineffectiveness with no desire to do anything if he’s not really interested. Pedestrians regularly have to dodge cars from all three directions to cross the road here and most times… Read more »

Everyone knows it’s needed. Where do they get the accident figures from and have they considered incidents and near misses that won’t be reported?

Cllr Ward’s comment “We are not an administration that wastes money.” Has he read the FB FOI figures?


Councillor’s? just vote the current controlling incompetents out of office as soon as possible.

Angela Hewitt
Re: Newport Parking. many years ago I used to do a park and Stride. I would park at Seaclose which was at the time free and stride into Newport. I did it for several years. Occasionally I would have a lunch in the adjacent pub. Then they put up a pay machine. Why pay and stride I thought I might as well park in Newport and pay.… Read more »
“We are talking about public money that we are spending on someone’s perception. Where do we draw the line? “We are not an administration that wastes money.” These words fell from the mouth of Councillor Ward in relation to the provision of a road crossing. Presumably Ward’s perception of FB6 is that is fit for purpose and value for money and so clearly demonstrates that he is… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

Unfortunately Longford, and then vote in the next lot of incompetents.