Long diversion for St Lawrence residents following damage to bridge

The diversion is in place following damage to the disused railway bridge following a road traffic collision.

st lawrence shute

St Lawrence Shute has been closed by Island Roads following a road traffic incident that has resulted in damage to the former railway bridge.

Island Roads say the road will be closed from its junction with Whitwell Road to its junction with Seven Sisters Road for a distance of 537 metres.

Historial Railway Estate on behalf of DfT, are to carry out the emergency works to disused railway bridge.

The diversion will affect Whitwell Road, Ventnor Footpath 72, Ventnor Footpath 71, Gills Cliff Road, Castle Road, Castle Close, Steephill Court Road, Undercliff Drive and Ventnor Footpath 91.

Diversion route(s) will be signed at the time of closure. Reasonable facilities will be provided to allow access to adjacent premises while the road is closed.

Monday, 1st October, 2018 10:23am


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4 Comments on "Long diversion for St Lawrence residents following damage to bridge"

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If ever there was an argument to open Undercliff Drive, an A road, isn’t this it. Heaven help the good folk of St Lawrence if there was a medical emergency, or fire. Get the road open, four and a half years is just too long.


Bearing in mind that a lot of the recently moved in residents of St Lawrence don’t mind the people of Ventnor and Niton being inconvenienced by the continued closure of the Undercliff maybe a taste of their own medicine might be a good thing…..


As a former St.Lawrence resident I couldn’t agree more


Ah, the peace, the quiet!

No more hordes using The Shute as a ‘rat-run’ – this is what it used to be like . . .