Low flying plane off the Isle of Wight will be a planned oil spill response simulation

Don’t be concerned if you see a low flying Boeing 727 over the water off the Isle of Wight from tomorrow. It’s a planned manoeuvre.

oil spill response plane over the water

Anyone on the South West of the Isle of Wight looking out to sea from 8am tomorrow (Tuesday) might see a rather large red and white plane flying low over the water.

According to the folks over at the EGHF – Lee on Solent Facebook Group, a simulated oil spill response is due to take place from 9am (British Summer Time).

A Boeing 727 and PA31 will conduct dynamic low-level manoeuvring over the sea until 4pm on Thursday (23rd May).

Map of the planned exercise

The exercise will include test spraying.

Thanks to Leif Marriner for the heads-up.

Source and Image: © Rich Patterson EGHF – Lee on Solent

Monday, 20th May, 2019 11:51am


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