Lost Pets IOW – A Facebook group dedicated to reuniting pets and owners

Island residents have worked hard to create a Facebook group which has so far assisted over 200 residents in finding their lost pets – Lost Pets IOW.

Lost Pets IOW is a Facebook page which focuses on reuniting pets with their Isle of Wight owners by providing a forum for Islanders to post their lost and found pets.

Founded by Lindsay Mould and managed by a dedicated group of admins; Shirleyann Jones, Jacqui Arnett-Jones, Mark Haxell, Emma Urry, and Vicky Mould. The group administrators work hard to provide advice and comfort to distressed owners, and help to showcase images and descriptions of pets that have gone missing on the Island. The group is very busy, with more posts added each day, and has become an initial reference point for Islanders who have lost or found animals.

Happy Endings
The appeals on the group range from cats and dogs through to tortoises and parrots, the odd bird of prey and even, in one case, a lost lamb. The success of the group is undeniable, as seen by their ‘Happy Endings’ tab – which updates group members on the outcome of many cases.

At the beginning of this month a grey Cockatiel was found in the Priory Bay Hotel in Seaview and returned safely to his worried owner – all due to the efforts of those posting on the Lost Pets IOW page. The page has so far managed to reunite over 200 pets with their owners, and this number continues to grow each day.

Missing Pet Advice
The group, which currently has 1,811 members, posts advice alongside the ‘lost and founds’ about what to do when you fear your pet may be lost or if you have found an animal, including the numbers to call straight away, and ways to best write your ‘missing pet’ advert.

They have even made a template ‘Lost Animal’ poster, so that owners can quickly download, fill in the details and print off a poster to display in their local area. The Facebook group now has the support of all of the rescue centres; Island Roads; Dog Wardens; and Island media outlets.

Administrator Jacqui Arnett-Jones works very hard to ensure that she does everything she can to assist people posting on the group,

“I became a member of lost pets ten months ago, not because I had lost a pet, but wanted to help in some way. I have several pets myself and would be devastated if any went walkabout.

“With over 200 happy endings, the group is not only for reuniting; it gives hope and support to members. When it started no one knew what to do when losing or finding an animal and now 80% of members know what to do and who to call because of the information we provide.”

It’s not just the administrators that make the group special. It’s also the general public who keep their eye out for animals posted on the group and offer kind and helpful support to each other.

Jacqui recognises that the members often go beyond the ordinary call of duty to help others, and that’s what makes the group so successful.

Birthday Wishes
Jacqui has a birthday coming up on 27th August, and her birthday wish is for the Lost Pets IOW Facebook group to reach 2,000 members by that date.

The more people that can get involved, the more animals the group are likely to be able to reunite with their owners, so if you are an animal lover head over to Lost Pets IOW and join today.

The site
Lost Pets IOW

Tuesday, 13th August, 2013 4:35pm


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  1. This is such a great site, I would urge anyone with pets, lost pets or even just to help people find their pets to join this site. The more people that can keep an eye out for a lost pet, the better the chance they may be found.

  2. Paula Howells

    6.Nov.2013 2:40pm

    I think that there is a lost cat wandering around Edinburgh Close next to Cowes Primary School. I first saw him/her yesterday morning walking around looking lost and seeming to be very afraid of any cars that went past. The cat is a very light tan and white colour but has no collar. If anyone is missing a cat of this description please go to Edinburgh Close to see if it is still there.

  3. Wendy Hannam has recovered “Pye”, her black spaniel pup. Many thanks to everyone who helped support her rescue. She was caught in a barbed wire fence underneath Culver Down for 2.5 days. After a trip to the vet all is now well. Thank you Sally Perry for posting the tweet and facebook messages.

  4. Monique Bracegirdle

    25.Mar.2014 8:28am

    My 7 month old kitten has been missing since monday morning, she is not used to being out so will be nervous. I live in the oakfield/ elmfield area. She is a very small cat, brown and beige tortie, I think she is probably hiding somewhere, she is very much missed and loved.

  5. Ash Sinclair

    2.Jun.2014 7:06am

    Hi Ash
    These are my 2 cats…Jack and Minnie. They are in London at the moment but I have sold my house so have to re house them. The journey to Egypt would be too traumatic for them.. and 41 degrees would not suit them. Do you know of anyone who may take them ? I would, obviously, bring them to the IOW. I have asked everyone I know near to them in London and so I have to widen my search. Thanks.. xx

  6. Andy Connolly

    17.Aug.2014 4:37pm

    Nearly ran over a red slider turtle/terripin trying to cross over Alexander Road,Ryde a couple of hours ago.have put a picture up on Facebook if anyone has lost one? will take to R.S.P.C.A if i get no takers.(contact 07717059771)

  7. David Crewe

    4.Feb.2015 4:54pm

    My daughter thinks the spaniel found in Wicombe Road may be called Ollie.

  8. Maggie bull

    22.Feb.2015 11:47am

    Missing in Wootton area since 15th feb. Koshi – Young male chocolate point Siamese. Neutered and chipped. Possible sightings lakeside and church close. Please call 01983 883455/01983 533929/07798942089 with any information.

  9. Mark lake

    8.Jul.2015 7:37pm

    Not sure who you were but to the very kind woman who helped me look for my dog honey we have found her

    Thank you


  10. Cliff jones

    23.Aug.2015 11:12am

    just found a Staffordshire terrier white spot on neck black dog

  11. Anne Tucker

    8.Sep.2015 7:34am

    black/tan tabby cat found East Cowes

  12. Clare Chapman

    17.Sep.2015 5:50pm

    Found dog at 4.50pm in Pellhurst Road Ryde
    Small dog with short legs mostly black with tan on face and legs. Female, friendly. Looks like miniature daschound. Microchipped red collar. At Pet Doctors Ryde The Lawns Spencer Road 562878

  13. bea bedford

    11.Oct.2015 9:33am

    I have a stray cat – entire male tabby and with white socks.

  14. Saphina-Marie Preston

    6.Nov.2015 8:35pm

    LOST: Large black and white male cat has a distinguishing black soul patch under his mouth.
    He is microchipped but no collar.

    Went missing in the Winston road area of Newport, Isle of Wight (PO30)

    He’s timid as he does not like new people so may run away if approached.
    Please check sheds, garages and any other hidey holes as he has a tendency to burrow away when frightened. Been missing almost a week and we’re worried sick :'( call 07471930331 if you see him

    Please share even if you’re not in the area as someone you know might be.

  15. I would like to thank every member of your Website for all their hard work trying to find Boris for us.

    Wendy and I are overwhelmed by the number of people who have made such a tremendous effort in helping us to find Boris.

    From the bottom of our hearts we thank tou all.

    Ray & Wendy

  16. Sue phillips

    22.Nov.2015 11:15am

    Missing male black cat Northwood area – maybe locked in – anybody in the area please check garages, sheds etc contact 07722 247482 with any information

  17. bea bedford

    11.Apr.2016 5:50pm

    there is a black type labrador running around Brighstone wearing a flourescent collar and a metal bone I.D.around his or her neck.

  18. Jeanette Cox

    8.May.2016 11:15am

    Tortoise found in The Mall,Brading. Ring 407241

  19. Shirley sheek-gilsenan

    3.Jun.2016 11:32pm

    Lost Thursday 2nd June
    Small black cat. In Yarmouth
    Call me please if you have seen him
    Answers to the name of Freddy.
    07958 351057

  20. Hi, only just found out about this sight so as a last resort: Our 3 year old cat has went missing from St Helens on 2nd June. He is mostly black, with a white chest and socks. He had a silver collar. Any info, please text 07973336623. Thank you

  21. Lost brown terrier Ventnor tonight around mediera road

  22. Lost brown terrier Ventnor tonight

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