Maggie Currie’s divorce coaching can help you become a more confident, happier woman

Maggie Currie from Creedence Training and Coaching can help you come out the other side of a divorce stronger and full of self confidence.

Happy women

Life can put some pretty tricky obstacles in our way and divorce is one that some women find difficult to overcome.

It can leave you feeling angry, resentful, bitter, frustrated or more debilitating, depressed.

If this sounds all too familiar and is perhaps a situation you want to escape from, help is at hand.

One-to-one divorce coaching
Highly respected, Island-based life coach, Maggie Currie, has helped women around the world work their way through the painful aspects of divorce and come out the other side as stronger, happier and more confident women.

Maggie has designed a 24 week online coaching programme that will teach you how to control the direction of your life.

She’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis, guiding and supporting you as you create and implement your life-changing strategy.

You’ll be armed with everything you need
She’ll make sure you’re armed with success strategies and resources to ensure that your life after divorce will be as happy and satisfying as you choose to make it.

The tools Maggie provides will also allow you to confidently create the new future you want and deserve.

A wealth of experience
Having been through divorce herself, Maggie hit rock bottom but managed to turn her life around and has since created her own successful businesses.

Her life experiences, qualifications, coaching and mentoring skills can help discover what you need to make sure that you are succeeding and enjoying your life to the full.

Sign up now
Maggie believes she can change your life with her six month online course ‘From confusion to clarity – Becoming me again’.

If you’re looking for someone to help get you through divorce, why not give her a try? It could be the best thing you’ve every done.

Whilst divorce coaching is a speciality for Maggie, she also coaches people through many different life events or traumas and has an affordable online coaching course ’30 days to boost your confidence’ available for just £99.

Maggie’s clients are full of praise for her services. Here’s a small selection from the many:

“Maggie always brings a refreshing energy to any situation. She truly enjoys helping others to live the life they deserve!” TH, USA

“Maggie gives an A+ performance. Focused, driven, and constantly getting the job done.” RA, London

“Maggie, your well placed questions and non-judgemental help in our free coaching session really helped me to think more clearly about my situation. ” GL, Paris, France

“Maggie makes the toughest challenges seem simple. Always exceeds my expectations.” WW, Isle of Wight

Contact details
Maggie Currie
Creedence Training
19 St. Barbara
Monks Lane
PO40 9ST

01983 759213
07779 189305

Find out more about ‘From confusion to clarity – Becoming me again’.

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