Mainland doctors to visit Isle of Wight to support Save Our NHS campaign

Dr Bob Gill and Dr Paul Hobday will be visiting the Isle of Wight to host a film screening of ‘$ell-Off – The Abolition Of Our NHS’ and to promote the recent publication of ‘The Deceit Syndrome’.

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Details of this upcoming event are shared by IOW Save our NHS. Ed

IOW Save Our NHS are delighted to announce that Dr Bob Gill and Dr Paul Hobday, together with Colin Crilly from Keep Our St Helier Hospital (KOSHH) will be visiting the Isle of Wight to host a film screening of ‘$ell-Off – The Abolition Of Our NHS’ and to promote the recent publication of ‘The Deceit Syndrome’.

‘$ell Off’ by Peter Bach, features co-producer Dr Bob Gill and many other health professionals on the front line. The film is 57 minutes long and charts how successive Governments have operated over the last 40 years and their complicity in the dismantling and privatisation of our NHS.

Corporate interests driving reform
It describes how corporate interests, rather than patient care, are what is driving reform in today’s NHS and how this will divert money away from patient care and into the pockets of private companies, global corporations and their shareholders.

Following the film, there will be a Q&A session and the speakers will update the audience as to what is happening right now and what we can all do to save what’s left of the NHS.

‘The Deceit Syndrome’
‘The Deceit Syndrome’ written by retired GP Dr Paul Hobday, maps his experience as a family GP and reveals the truth about consecutive Government agendas to undermine and destroy the English National Health Service, to sell off our hospitals on the cheap to greedy corporations and hand over out-patients’ medical records to insurance company moguls like the US health insurance giant UnitedHealth.

Set in the present day it highlights many incidents from the past and then describes a dystopian future for us all that doesn’t bear thinking about.

Dr Paul Hobday will also be at Waterstones, Newport between 2pm and 4pm to sign his book.

American-style healthcare system
A spokesperson from IOW Save Our NHS says:

“It is vital that the public are given the opportunity to know the facts about what is happening to our NHS.

“Patients are now beginning to feel the impact of cuts to our NHS as they find it increasingly difficult to access their GP,  have to wait excessive periods of time to be seen by specialist consultants and undergo elective surgery, and are being denied certain procedures that are no longer available on the NHS.

“Campaigners including many health professionals believe that the NHS is in serious danger of being converted to an American-style healthcare system, which is one of the most expensive, inefficient and deadliest in the world. Profit would come before people, health rationing would become the norm for those who cannot afford to pay and many will die. Time is running out and our NHS as we know it, free at the point of delivery, could disappear forever in the not too distant future.”

Validity to our claims
NHS campaigners are frequently accused of scaremongering, but we would ask those who make such an accusation to attend the film screening, to read Dr Paul Hobday’s book and to give some thought to the possibility that there is validity to our claims which should be taken seriously.

Where and when
The event  will take place at the Riverside Centre, Newport, on Saturday, 28th September,  between 6pm and 9pm.

The event is FREE but donations on the night towards its funding will be appreciated.

Seating is limited so please reserve your place using the following options or take a chance and just turn up on the night

Book your free seats online, call (01983) 299432 or email [email protected]

Image: © Simon Wells – The Photographer’s Studio

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iain mckie

The NHS is an admirable idea now so poorly run by politicians bureaucrats and other assorted pests.

Alternative Perspective

Month on month the IW NHS Trust produces a 190+ smoke and mirrors document saying pretty much the same thing, that the position is dire. There’s a whole administrative industry behind producing these papers with their forever changing flashy graphics and obscure language in an attempt to mitigate failure. How much does this farce all cost?

The current IW NHS Trust Board is unfit for purpose.