Medina Yard plans pose threat to Isle of Wight marine industry, says CHC

Cowes Harbour Commission repeat their warnings ahead of next week’s planning committee that the application by the Harrison Trust could pose a huge risk for the Isle of Wight marine industry.

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Ahead of next week’s planning committee meeting which will consider the planning application for Medina Yard, Cowes Harbour Master, Capt. Stuart McIntosh once again shares the view of the Harbour Commission.

They believe that if the planning application by the Harrison Trust is approved by the committee (it has conditional permission being recommended), it would pose a huge risk to the future of marine employment on the Isle of Wight.

Capt. McIntosh says,

“The Commissioners and I would like to highlight the issues and risks to marine employment that this application poses to Cowes and the wider Island.

“CHC’s policy and advice to all the key parties over the past 10 years has been and remains consistent, regarding the three current marine employment sites in various stages of development in the Medina Valley, and is detailed in our article [see link to newsletter below].

“Our policy is to support the sustainable retention and development of waterfront marine employment sites and CHC is committed to continuing to work with all parties, regardless of the final planning application decision for Medina Yard, in order to find suitable interim and long-term solutions for marine industry and employment in the Medina Valley.”

Read the detailed letter on the
Cowes Harbour Commission Website

Wednesday, 21st March, 2018 5:01pm



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Email updates?

sorry: “than IW Council”


What we have to remember here is that the Harrison Trust can call upon deeper pockets (read “more expensive lawyers”) that IW Council.