Met Office issue (another) Yellow Warning for heavy rain

Yes folks, more heavy rain is on its way.

rain on windscreen

A day barely seems to go by without another weather warning from the Met Office.

The latest issue is for a Yellow Warning (be aware) of heavy rain the Isle of Wight valid from 1800 Sun 30th to 1800 Mon 31st December.

Please be aware of possible disruption, particularly to travel, and also of the potential for localised flooding.

Image: Silent Shot under CC BY 2.0

Saturday, 29th December, 2012 6:21pm



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  1. One has to wonder if roads were swept more often and drains cleaned (has anyone witnessed the drains being cleaned recently?) would we have suffered so much flooding?….or is this another prime example of local government cuts?

    The flooding situation should also be taken as a warning with regards any future planned large developments on the island. Just imagine what impact a large development, for example, ‘Pennyfeathers’ would have if approved.Imagine all those hard surfaces from that development draining into an already over subscribed system,and the pressure it would put on Monktonmead and the Strand. They cannot cope now!


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