MHI Vestas launches first 10 MW wind turbine in history

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, based on the Isle of Wight, have made a stunning announcement at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg today (Tuesday), revealing the first win turbine in history with power rating of 10 MW.

MHI Vestas Turbine

Michael shares this latest news on behalf of MHI Vestas. Ed

The offshore wind pioneer pushes the boundaries once again as it announces the wind industry’s first commercially available double-digit wind turbine – the V164-10.0 MW.

The offshore wind industry’s long-anticipated, double-digit barrier has been broken.

10MW turbines now for sale
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, in a stunning announcement at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg today, has made it official – its V164 turbine platform has now achieved a power rating of 10 MW. And the turbine is available for sale now.

MHI Vestas CEO, Philippe Kavafyan, said,

“What was unreachable before has become the new benchmark.

“In launching the V164-10.0 MW today, MHI Vestas is proud to contribute this major milestone to the offshore wind industry. And it gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to all the wind industry pioneers who have led us to this historic, double-digit nominal capacity.”

Built on proven technology
Perhaps most remarkable is that the barrier-breaking model is built on proven technology and lessons learned from previous installations of the V164 platform, promising a level of certainty and reliability for customers of the V164-10.0 MW from day one.

With more than 100 V164 turbines already installed in the UK and Germany, MHI Vestas has been able to leverage technological learnings and incremental innovations to push the boundaries of its flexible platform from 8 MW now up to 10 MW.

Larsen: “Being the best at what we do”
MHI Vestas Chief Technology Officer, Torben Hvid Larsen, said,

“At MHI Vestas, we are focused not on what others are doing, but being the best at what we do. The V164-10.0 MW turbine is the best proof point yet that we do not accept the limitations of conventional thinking and that we think beyond ourselves.

“We have embraced the challenge of transforming what is possible in our field.”

Tuesday, 25th September, 2018 10:30am



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This is indeed a major milestone. Offshore wind turbines run at an average of 40% to50% of nameplate capacity, so it would need just 7 of these turbines to provide all the domestic electricity for the Island. In recent competitive bidding, offshore wind projects have set a price of around 6p per unit of electricity. At the moment this is slightly less then the average wholesale price.… Read more »

Perhaps the answer to tidal/wind issues where generation times are predictable ( tides) and random ( winds) is to install a 100 MW Tesla battery bank…. Downside is undoubtedly the increase in p/KW. estimated cost of the bank was $ 50M


While it is a milestone in the potential of wind power, could the editor just think about what power is generated? With wind it is not about size but little and often.

Welcome the development but we shouldn’t overstate its impact!

Sally Perry

Yes, I guess tidal power is far more efficient than wind – afterall, the tide comes and goes, all day every day, unlike wind.


Larger wind turbines tend to be more effective thus delivering cheaper energy. What really matters is the final price of electricity produced. This turbine will definitely be more effective than earlier generations and that’s the really important progress.

While on the face of it nameplate capacity may seem good but in reality the capacity over a year can be only 15-30% of nameplate capacity, that gives a true output of 1.5 to 3 Mw. Not forgetting these will be huge a diameter of 164 m (538 ft). Tidal does not suffer the same as tidal flows are predictable the first large tidal turbines 1.5 Mw… Read more »