Minister Calls Council in Over Library Plans

Council officials have been summoned to Westminster to explain their library closure plans.

The Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey has called in Isle of Wight council officials to explain their library closures plan.

DCMS logoIn a letter from the Minister to Island MP Andrew Turner, he thanks Island resident, Dave Quigley for bringing the situation to his attention and supplying relevant information.

He goes on to say, “At my request officers of Isle of Wight Council have been asked to come in to the Department to present their plans for their library service to DCMS officials.”

Legal action still going ahead
Readers may remember that the lawyers acting on behalf of an Island resident are in the process of filing papers in the High Court against the council for the proposed closure of five libraries and reduced opening times of another four.

We are expecting to hear more on the progress of this shortly.

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16 Comments on "Minister Calls Council in Over Library Plans"

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Mick Lyons

Well done to Dave Quigley and everyone else involved in the opposition to Library closures and cuts.


Retribution in the making – this is awesome

John Ward

Well Done all concerned in getting this matter heard!

allan marsh

wonder how they will spin this to us

Richard Beet

I wonder how they will spin it to the minister?

if david pugh/co had accepted the 10,000 signatures from the island residents in the first place , instead of throwing them out , and agreeing we were all against the supposed proposals , they would not be in the mess they are about to find themselves in, not to mention a visit to the high court , he didnt know this one from andrew turner was coming,… Read more »
watching the pennies
Whilst I have some sympathy for the problems that the IWC has at the moment 99.9% have been caused by them and them alone and they should take the blame. I thought labour were the champions of spin and lies but I was wrong it is the IWC who lead the pack. They have made decisions on flawed statistics and when the stats don’t stack up they… Read more »
Well done Dave. I expect they’ll tell the Minister a load of bull***t although at least the action you and others have taken is not allowing the council an easy ride. Hopefully the legal action being taken and now having to explain their decisions to ED Vaizey will make them see a bit of sense. The Bembridge library fiasco just proves the council are not really interested… Read more »

Yes, I’m expectting large quantities of bovine effluent, but to that end I actually presented a very large file of documents which should nullify whatever cr*p they try to get over! I might add that the case was presented to the DCMS by Andrew Turner who deserves part of the credit for getting us this far.


It is good to hear Andrew Turner has been involved. I just wish he would be more outspoken about this awful council, especially as we all know he is not on good terms with Pugh.

jane nash

Fantastic news. Well done Dave and everyone else involved. About time!

Paul Miller

Where is the HM Inspector of Local Authorities when you need one? Where are the ‘hit squads’ (the Augean Stabilsation Authority?) and how’s that ‘right-of-recall?-we’re-trying-to-win-an-election’ power promised in the height of the MPs hands-in-the-till episode the year before last coming along?

Geoff Lumley

Given that the Council Tory leadership was telling us that the Minister was very interested in their new model of library service at the time the Budget was agreed, I doubt they will be in for much more than a mutual admiration session………


Did you ever see any proof of this “interest in the new model” or perhaps, as usual it was just PUGH SPIN (one of my ways of spelling bu*****t)

Geoff Lumley

Of course not Dave !!!! But I hold little hope of a Tory minister holding this Tory lot to account. A bit like Tory-lead scrutiny panels holding the Tory Council leadership to real account.It just doesn’t happen……

Jonathan Bacon

Given that a number of groups around the Country have now secured legal aid to pursue a Judicial Review of Library closure plans and noting that legal aid is generally only granted if there is a clear possibility of success in a case, I suspect the quality of that interest has changed!