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Missing Cat Found After Appeal

Hobbes the cat has just returned, perhaps let out of a garden shed after the VB appeal this morning?

Following our appeal earlier for a missing cat in Ventnor, we’ve just received this great news from Neil. Ed

Hobbes the catHoorah! Hobbes has just appeared – very thin, but otherwise looking fine.

So maybe someone read VentnorBlog this morning and looked in their shed?

Who knows – but thanks again, we can move now as a complete and very happy family.

We can’t believe it – the day before we’re due to move too!

He’s eaten three pouches in a row, and is now roaming round the house talking loudly (far more vocal than he was before his adventure!) while our dog Lotte sniffs and nuzzles him as if to say, “welcome back!”

Thursday, 20th October, 2011 1:08pm



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  1. So pleased to hear that Hobbes has come home, Neil!

  2. great news , little pickle so happy for you both .

  3. Janet Scott

    20.Oct.2011 4:06pm

    I am SO pleased for you all. He seems a real character. Please keep him in for a month when you move, or he may cause you real heartache.

  4. Senior Service

    20.Oct.2011 5:41pm

    Probably been hiding with Gaddafi, legged it back home once Gaddafi’s number was up!

  5. when i have moved i always butter the paws it seems to work very well.


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