Missing Cat In Ventnor

Have you seen this missing cat in Ventnor?

We’re always happy to help out with appeals for lost pets. Hobbes is a 16 month old microchipped male tabby who has gone missing in Ventnor. Ed

HobbesHe’s been missing since the night of Tuesday 11th October from his home in Altofts Gardens, Ventnor. He was in and out as usual during the day, but went out later on and hasn’t reappeared since.

He’s long and slim, with a dark flecked coat, with tabby stripes on his head, tail & legs and pale cream belly fur. He has a pink nose and black pads. He looks a lot like a pure Abyssinian.

He’s only young, and not a big cat, and as he’s so sleek it would be easy for someone to think he’s under-nourished and tempt him with food.

He was eating five or more pouches of food a day plus dry food at home up until the night he didn’t come back, so please rest assured he was getting plenty to eat!

Please check your sheds
Our garden directly overlooks the bottom of Spring Hill, and we think he could easily have ventured down towards Spring Hill and the Grove Road areas, plus Mitchell Avenue – possibly further. Please could you check any sheds or garages, to make sure he’s not trapped inside.

HobbesThis is apparently the most common reason for cats to go missing, and since his disappearance we’ve heard numerous stories from people, reiterating how common this is. Holiday homes can also be locked up and left without the owners realising a cat has got in. As there are a lot of holiday homes in Ventnor, if you live next door to one that’s currently locked up and vacant – please take a look through the windows!

We absolutely love our little boy and miss him desperately, so if you think you can help, please contact us with any information.

Get in touch
We are moving to Wroxall on Friday 21st October but our neighbours will continue to keep watch for him. Please call Pauline or Neil on 07919 628189 or email pauline@pcbpots.com and nobby@stainlessgames.com.

Thank you!

Thursday, 20th October, 2011 8:25am


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