Missing Penguin, It’s No Joke

Give the penguin back you fool!

It appears that someone took their Christmas shopping to a new level last weekend, when they managed to scale the high fences of Amazon World Zoo and separate a baby penguin from its mother.

Penguin missing from zooToga is only four months old and still living on regurgitated food. Keepers at the zoo say that without this food, Toga is likely to die within four days.

It is very important that Toga is reunited with his mother asap.

If you have a present sitting under the tree that is making strange noises, please, please, please, call Amazon World on 867122 or Crimestoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.

In case you’re interested, Toga is a Blackfoot penguin, who are commonly known as Jackass penguins because they are very vocal and make a sound similar to a donkey braying.

But in this case, I think it is definitely the thief who is the jackass. Give the penguin back you fool!

(Thanks to Airon for first putting us on to this)

Tuesday, 20th December, 2005 1:29pm


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