More Cancellations on WightLink Ferries

Yet more cancellations on the Yarmouth – Lymington ferry service

Blooming ‘eck, it’s quite bizarre how both Red Funnel and Wightlink are having technical problems with one of their vehicle ferries at the moment.

More Cancellations on WightLink FerriesAs readers will remember Wightlink advised us that there would be cancellations of sailings between Lymington and Yarmouth today. They now tell us that these the timetable will continue to be hit with cancellations over the weekend and on Monday. They’re contacted us again to let us know that it’s all OK now and there won’t be cancellations – in their words “Please be advised that all sailings on the Lymington-Yarmouth Car Ferry Service are now running to their advertised sailing times.” Confusing isn’t it?

Sailings cancelled between Friday 9th – Monday 12th (inclusive)
From Lymington: 10:45; 12:45; 14:45; 16:45
From Yarmouth: 11:55; 13:55; 15:55; 17:55

UPDATE: Guess the below is still correct. We’ll ask, but not sure we’ll get an answer over the weekend.

They do have a chartered vessel from a third party who will carry foot passengers:

Friday 9 October from Lymington: 14:45; 16:45
Friday 9 October from Yarmouth: 15:55; 17:55

Monday 12 October from Lymington: 10:45; 12:45; 14:45; 16:45
Monday 12 October from Yarmouth: 11:55; 13:55; 15:55; 17:55

Friday, 9th October, 2009 3:20pm



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Tony Minx

A phone call today to Wightlink confirmed that Lymington/Yarmouth ferries are now running normally. Problems have been solved!

holiday maker

they seldom run on time anyway and then its on the hour service …All in All pretty poor for a monopoly