MP Becomes Patron of New Parliamentary Campaign Group

Andrew Turner appointed Parliamentary Patron of the Rural Fair Share Campaign

This in from Andrew Turner’s office, in their own words. Ed

Andrew Turner:The Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, has been appointed a Parliamentary Patron of the Rural Fair Share Campaign, a cross-party initiative launched to ensure rural areas receive their ‘fair share’ of funding settlements from Government.

The campaign brings together Members of Parliament with other organisations and community groups concerned about the welfare of English rural communities and the services provided in them.

Rural Fair Share Campaign
The group has been formed following detailed analysis of Government funding figures published by the Rural Services Network, a membership organisation devoted to safeguarding and improving services in English rural communities.

Mr Turner said, “The figures produced by the Rural Services Network highlight that on average people living in rural areas earn less than city-dwellers and pay higher council tax, yet some urban areas, particularly in London, receive more funding per head.

“I am one of a number of MPs from all parties who have got together to form the Rural Fair Share Campaign.

“We all represent rural constituencies and working together we will seek to highlight anomalies in funding between urban and rural areas and make Government funding fair for all those who live in our countryside.”

Friday, 29th June, 2012 4:32pm



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Email updates?

Suppose this makes a change from recent press releases which all began “The Island MP Andrew Turner has welcomed (insert subject name here)……..”


that will be another failed campaign then for the long term looser.

First on the agenda…bring back hunting

Top Tory

This is an important group for a disadvantaged rural constituency such as ours. Many of his constituents are living in poverty.

NB Looser? Perhaps you have in mind your own stools? It does seem that’s where many of your sillier comments emanate No5. Labour you may be, but try and stay constructive even if you cannot help but be abusive.

I am sure we should support the MP’s initiative if it assists inward investment in rural areas but also, Why doesn’t he do something constructive then and join in with everyone else on “Assisted Area Status”,such as the IOW Council have – along with the Trade Unions and Trades Councils and the Chamber of Commerce, instead of remaining aloof. This is for the island Andrew!!! You are… Read more »

So No5 you will be running for election ………

Maybe I will Couldn’t be worse than Turner whose only interest is that of the ‘bloody’ hunt brigade who support him. we have far more disadvantaged urban communities than we do with rural ones, that he ( and his disfunctional relationship with the council) has done nothing about. Turner will use this to parade his banner of recinding the hunt ban under the lie that it has… Read more »
Paul Randle-Jolliffe

And a real community income would be…..