MP wants your views on Marine Conservation Zones proposals

The Isle of Wight MP will be bringing the new minister, George Eustice, up to date on views of Islanders over the proposed MCZs.

George Eustice and Richard Benyon

This in from Conservative Isle of Wight MP, Andrew Turner’s office, in their own words. Ed

The Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, is asking Island residents to let him know their views on the new proposed Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs), 37 which are to go forward for consultation, probably in early 2015.

Six of the proposed new areas are around the Isle of Wight. MCZs are a relatively new type of protected area for the marine environment; they are designed to give appropriate protection to areas that are important to conserve the diversity of rare or threatened habitats or species.

Mr Turner has secured a meeting next Wednesday with the Minister responsible for the Marine Environment, George Eustice MP (pictured right) and prior to the meeting he wants to have information on the reasons people support the proposals, as well as any concerns they may have about them.

Mr Turner said:

“I asked for this meeting because I have had a number of people contact me expressing concerns as well as support. Prior to the first tranche of MCZ approvals the then Minister, Richard Benyon MP (pictured left) visited the Island and gave assurances that any approved MCZs would have appropriate management plans in place.

“He recognised that the protection of the environment must be balanced with the way in which Islanders work, live and play on the water that surrounds us.

“I know those assurances still stand, but as George is a new Minister I would like to give him first-hand, early information on the views of Islanders – as we are probably affected more than any other constituency by these proposals. Of course everybody will also have the opportunity to respond to the formal consultation when that starts next year.”

Image: George Eustice under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 3rd April, 2014 7:46am



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Email updates?

(Sigh) Another day, yet another Westminster nonentity visits the Island on a vacuous mission and awayday jolly!

Rupert Besley

Another misinformed comment. Have you read the above?


Yes….. and?

Rupert Besley
It is not clear from your first comment what it is that you are referring to. The article is about Andrew Turner asking for input locally ahead of a meeting he has arranged with the Minister over the proposed Marine Conservation Zones.I do not see in it (but apologies if I have this wrong) any indication as to where this meeting will take place, whether on the… Read more »
Let me explain my comment. I agree entirely that the “MCZ is a serious issue for Ventnor fishing businesses – and for the conservation of species.” But do you really believe that, as Fisheries Minister- loyal acolyte of Cameron (and ex-UKIP)- Eustice will take any notice of the justified complaints of Island fishermen? (BTW Perhaps my pejorative views are coloured by the previous minister who was my… Read more »
Rupert – I cannot agree more. Cicero obviously woke up in a particularly negative and grumpy mood this morning. To me it seems that Andrew Turner is doing what a local MP is meant to do. Bringing policy makers to the Island and inviting early input from interested or concerned local people and businesses. I do vote conservative, and I’m pleased that my MP is doing his… Read more »
Pls reread the explanation for my comment. I agree with your comment that our MP is doing his job for the Island (and I have voted for him three times in the past on a personal not a party ticket despite my left-of-centre political views and am likely to vote for him again in the absence of any believable alternative candidate.). However, my comment was to point… Read more »

I think I can see where the grumpiness lies, Cicero, and it’s not with you! I think you were making a light-hearted comment at the expense of politicians in general, but ran into a heavy truck that had been looking for somewhere to shed its load!

You are right Tryme. My hackles were raised by Eustice’s predecessor, Benyon, was strong on “consultations” and promises but failed to deliver (he was my MP on the mainland for some years: his big country estate (and gravel pits) were only a couple of miles from my house.) With his similar background and political loyalty to the “Eton Mess”, I do not expect Eustice will act any… Read more »

Cicero – Thanks for that illumination of your view. Very useful actually. Raises a number of issues that we really can’t explore here!


As I suggested earlier in this thread

“Mr Eustice said: “I look forward to continuing my discussions with Andrew later this year and to listening to local communities’ views about protecting the marine environment around the Isle of Wight.

A date for the meeting has yet to be arranged.”

Note the last sentence!

Just to remind you about the “perfidy of politicians’ promises”. Andrew Turner reported that: “The Minister had already listened carefully to what various people, with local knowledge, had to say and I know he will consider the points raised in any future decisions concerning the Island’s waters.” (OTW 27 March 2013) Benyon’s “listening” seems to have had little effect on the announcement of the proposed MCZs around… Read more »

The Tory PR blog-sniffers don’t like it up’em do they? :-))


… but keep their heads well below the parapet so they don’t have to argue their case! :-))