Neighbourhood Watch scheme intended to strengthen ties between police and community

The former Met Police member believes the scheme will strengthen the ties between police and community

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Local Ryde resident, Stuart Brown, a former member of the Metropolitan Police, has just launched a new Neighbourhood Watch scheme in his local community.

Stuart, who is also currently campaigning to represent Ryde West on Ryde Town Council, spotted the need for such a scheme after talking with local residents.

“I am hoping to stand in a by-election for Ryde Town Council in the coming months and represent my own neighbourhood here in Ryde West Ward.

“Having the benefit of living in the ward and talking to the local residents it is clear that I am not the only one that has seen a recent unwelcome trend in the rise of anti social behaviour and crime in the community.”

Strengthen the ties between police and community
Stuart went on to add,

“Having checked I was surprised that no such scheme is currently active in the area so I have started one now to improve the relationship between the community and the police and strengthen the ties which will enable us to be proactive in stopping the current issues.”

Get involved
Ryde West Neighbourhood Watch is looking for members and people to take an active role.

Registration with the scheme for updates or to play an active role can be made via the national page via the national Website.

Should you wish to contact Ryde West Neighbourhood Watch directly this can also be done via the website above or visiting them on Facebook at Visiting them on Facebook.

News shared by Stuart, Ed

Monday, 3rd February, 2020 9:42am



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