New contemporary poetry journal, Eye Flash, now open for submissions

A new contemporary poetry journal for the South of England launches this October and is now open for submissions.

Poetry shack:

Lovers of contemporary poetry are in for a treat this autumn.

Islander, Charlotte Begg, will be launching Eye Flash, a new poetry magazine from the South of England. The journal is due to be released in print this October (2017) and she’s currently seeking submissions.

An uprising of new voices
Charlotte says,

“We believe in showcasing the most striking contemporary poetry that will burn fresh images into the reader’s consciousness.

“There has been an uprising of new voices shouting from the rooftops in recent years, gaining power and movement online and in print. It’s an exciting time to be a poet- and we want to capture as much of that new spark as possible between our pages. We love the controversial, the rebellious, but most importantly, the highest quality poetry.

“We welcome poetry and art work from new and emerging creative folk.”

She goes on to explain,

“We publish twice a year, in print as well as online, collecting interviews with our poets and artists as we go. There are no set themes, but each publication will be carefully put together by guest editors to harmonise artwork and poetry, ensuring a visual feast for the reader.”

Showcase your poetry
If you would like to make a submission to Eye Flash, get in touch with Charlotte via the Eye Flash Website.

You can also follow updates via their Twitter feed.

Image: VH Hammer under CC BY 2.0

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Mark L Francis

So! Farewell then Tigger Turner,
In your day you were a yearner
For an Island free from gays
But it seems the record now says
That we never really wanted to be.
And your name of Tigger
Is now remembered with
A snigger…