New Isle of Wight Yoga Therapy Clinic launches at Yinspire Brading

Marrying traditional yoga practices with contemporary medical science to help promote wellbeing and health, Yinspire have had great results for their clients. There isn’t much this holistic approach can’t help and you won’t be expected to tie yourself up in knots.

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January 2020 sees the launch of an exciting new Yoga Therapy clinic at Yinspire Brading – only the second Yoga Therapy clinic on the Island.

Yoga Therapy marries traditional yoga practices with contemporary medical science, to help promote wellbeing and health.

Working on body and mind
The clinic at Yinspire is run by Jessica Garbett, who explains:

“I trained in Yoga Therapy for Mental Health with Minded Institute in London, and what draws me to Yoga Therapy is its ability to work on both body and mind, which is vital when you consider how our physical health shows up in our emotional health and how what we’re feeling in turn affects the body.”

'And breathe'

Jessica goes on to say,

“I’ve had great results working with stress, anxiety and depression, back health, digestive complaints, rehabilitation from surgery and injury, and chronic pain conditions. 

“However, what’s useful about Yoga Therapy is there’s not much it can’t help, and working alongside a trained Yoga Therapist means it’s very safe.”

You won’t be tying yourself up in knots
Jessica explains,

“If your image of yoga is someone tying themselves up in knots on a rubber mat, then you’ll find Yoga Therapy a surprise: it’s a gentle approach, adapted to the individual, using simple yoga techniques.

“In particular, a lot of benefit can be obtained with very simple breathing practices – and most of us know how good a deep comfortable breath feels.”

You won't be expected to tie yourself up in knots

Evidence-based practice
There’s a growing bank of research evidence supporting yoga’s benefits as part of an integrative approach to health care, alongside the work of doctors and other therapists.

When used therapeutically yoga can help with things as diverse as cardiovascular health, inflammation, muscular-skeletal health, and balancing your nervous system.

The Rowborough Studio

A typical Yoga Therapy session with Jessica takes place privately, lasting an hour and includes gathering a comprehensive background history – a chance to tell your story – and then Jessica will recommend practices and guide you through them, as well as giving you some ideas for what you can do at home.

Find out more
To find out more about Yoga Therapy at Yinspire, or to book a consultation, visit the Yinspire Website.

The Rowborough Studio

Yinspire Brading: Arnold House, 2 New Road, Brading PO36 0DT

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