New Orleans flavour to today’s Mardi Gras Parade!

All ready to go – the big parade is on today, Saturday 29 June!

Fattened Bull

Spectators to The New Carnival Company’s colourful Mardi Gras Parade should bring plenty of enthusiasm and good cheer with them as Rex, our new King of Carnival, will be rewarding supporters with gifts of Mardi Gras Beads distributed from his float, the Boeuf Gras (fattened bull).

Frankie Goldspink, parade organiser for The New Carnival Company explains:

“The gifting of ‘throws’ or ‘favours’ from the carnival floats is unique to New Orleans Mardi Gras parades, and is said to have derived from the festival customs of the English Renaissance era. By introducing this novelty to our own lead float we are paying tribute to New Orleans, the mother of all Mardi Gras parades.”

The Mardi Gras Float will be accompanied by masqueraders from IW College performing arts students who will help distribute the beads and majorette dancers from PJs Theatre School, all adding to the New Orleans flavour.

Following on behind the Float, the Mardi Gras will take on a theme of ‘Art Histories’, a story told in 20 chapters from Stone Age Art (performed by Preston Close Carnival Club) to Pop Art (performed by Ryde School) and beyond.

Over 25 different schools and community groups will be taking part, amounting to over 700 costumed performers who will dance and gyrate along the route to the sound of samba drums and specially selected music.

Where to watch from
To view the parade, come along to Ryde town centre today, Saturday 29 June.

The parade leaves Ryde School on Queens Road at 3.30pm for Newport St, High Street, Union Street, Esplanade and finishes at Quay Rd Car Park by LA Bowl.

Saturday, 29th June, 2013 10:23am



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  1. Mark L Francis

    30.Jun.2013 11:57am

    Shrove Tuesday already?

  2. Never seen the point of these parades/carnivals. Just a load of people dressed up in daft outfits prancing up the road. I recall being in Ryde one year when the carnival was on. Some bloke on the back of a lorry throwing his arms in the air and shouting c’mon! c’mon! yeah! I thought, c’mon what? Am I supposed to be doing something?

    If there were jugglers, acrobats or other entertainers doing something on these floats you could see the point, but just having people dressed up waving at the spectators seems a bit naff and pointless.


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