NHS Trust considering prosecution after assault on ambulance staff

Isle of Wight NHS Trust are working with the police with a view to prosecution for criminal behaviour after Ambulance staff attending emergency calls were assaulted last month.


Ambulance staff attending an emergency call were assaulted by a member of the public.

It was one of two incidents in June — on the same weekend, police were called to the Emergency Department at St Mary’s Hospital to an incident involving an intoxicated member of the public.

The incidents were reported to Isle of Wight NHS Trust board members last Thursday (5th July).

Zero-tolerance to abuse of staff
The Trust said it had a zero-tolerance approach to any incidents involving physical and verbal abuse of staff.

In March, the head of NHS England revealed a third ambulance staff said they had faced violence from patients, relatives or the public during the previous 12 months.

NHS taking view to prosecution
A spokesman for Isle of Wight NHS Trust said:

“We take a zero tolerance approach to physical and verbal abuse of our staff. With regards to incidents which occurred during June in the Emergency Department at St Mary’s, and elsewhere on the Island when one of our ambulance crews responded to an emergency call, we are working with the police with a view to prosecution for any criminal behaviour.

“Therefore it would not be appropriate to comment any further on these incidents at this time.”

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Email updates?

Considering prosecution ? It should be an automatic given. Far too much abuse goes on with people that have had too much to drink and can’t behave.Solution ? Charge them for their overnight stay, be it in A&E or the local nick…

Absolutely – prosecute all aggression, including drunken or drugged, and recover costs. It is appalling that anyone doing such vital, caring work with people behaving so badly should feel society will support them. Ensure those staff abused can directly influence the culture to determine the decision to prosecute or not. They know, having experienced it, whether the violence was criminal or inadvertent. Is there anywhere that does… Read more »

So if I resd this right, A STAFF member gets assaulted by someone, but it is not until the BOARD are notified that action is even considered? I suspect that our Council and St Marys Hospital Board are one and the same, cos they have the same “we are in charge..end of!” attitude and to hell with common sense.


Read not resd??