Nichola Goom on Island Budget Cuts (podcast)

Nichola talks us through her views of the cuts to the Supporting People Programme.

After last Friday’s budget presentation to the voluntary sector at The Riverside Centre we caught up with Nichola Goom from ROCC, an organisation that aims to improve the lives of people requiring support.

Nichola Goom on Island Budget Cuts (podcast)Nichola talked us through the Supporting People Programme.

She explained the budget of £5.5m was until last April, ring-fenced (ie. meaning it couldn’t be used for any other purposes). It appears that of this £5.5m, there was £1.9m of unallocated funding.

If you’re not aware of the Supporting People programme, it provides support for the most vulnerable of people living on the Island such as those with learning disabilities, mental health issues, older people, those suffering domestic violence, homelessness or substance abuse.

Nichola told us how the programme provides low level support for those people to help maintain tenancy. She went on to say that without the support, there would be more homeless people, which would potentially result in costing more to Island.

Cuts could cost the Island more long term
She cited a Government research tool used by the Isle of Wight Council which showed that the £5.5m Supporting People budget actually saved £21.5m from other budgets across the Island.

There seems to be confusion as to where the £1.9m of unallocated money has gone and where it will be spent.

Listen to the podcast to hear more.


Wednesday, 10th February, 2010 6:01pm



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Hazel wyld
If every single person opposed to the cuts to the services of the most vulnerable people on the island will email and tell him what the council are doing it could make a difference, slso we all need to email our local councellor…we want to know if they are voting for or against and require a resonse within 5 days. Although we have an excellent Mp… Read more »
Diversi-TIES - no barriers to disability

Not to mention people living on the Isle of Wight who have a physical disability and/or sensory impairment. Does this mean that shared budgets will stop even before they got of the ground. A persons among our (Diversi_TIES) membership was encouraged to sign up for the shared budgets pilot in November 2008 and still has not had the funds allocated to him.

Gruntled of Bembridge
Well presented Nichola. It seems the council are unable to answer so many questions. Several providers have identified glaring errors in the councils reports to cabinet. Example – council maintain that the cost of advocacy on one contract is £135.64per hour the actual cost works out at £7.70. We have identified at least three more similar errors. They can’t even crunch the numbers correctly. No wonder they… Read more »

I’ve already emailed Dave Cameron. I hope many others do the same. With just weeks to go before an election – where Mr Cameron thinks every seat may count, I think the council are set on Turner losing this one for the Tories. Cameron our best hope I think.


I have emailed David Cameron , i am a support worker who is going to lose their job ,because of the council cuts. How on earth can they put vunerable people in this position?We are going to have alot more homeless on the island.Private Landlords do not want service users without the back up of a support worker.

How can the council crisis be solved? Only the workers and citizens of the Isle of Wight can save the day ! The way that the budget has been presented by the council, you would think that there is no alternative. In fact there is an alternative and the Trades Councils are considering options like other people and groups on the island. The council has presented a… Read more »
Julie Downer
I would like to say that it is a disgrace what the Isle of Wight Council is proposing regarding substantial cuts in the supporting people budget. I personally need the support provided by Stonham, they have helped me to stay in my home as in the past I have spent a lot of time in psychiatric care. I depend on Stonham to assist with my finances, paperwork… Read more »