Nine new police officers for the Isle of Wight in Government’s uplift programme (updated)

There are a total of 156 new officers deployed across Hampshire Constabulary with nine allocated for the Isle of Wight

Operation Sale, the policing of the English Defence League ( EDL ) protest and the United against Facism ( UDL ) counter multi-faith, multi-racial and multicultural event. |The protest took place in Dudley town centre.

The Isle of Wight will be seeing nine new police officers are part of the Government’s announced uplift programme, it has been confirmed.

At the end of June, Hampshire Constabulary completed their recruitment activity for the first year of this programme, with 3,000 applications being received.

They say,

“We are determined that the Constabulary truly reflects the communities we serve, and throughout the application process we have been seeking quality candidates as well as greater diversity.

“We can now confirm how the 156 new recruits will be deployed across the force. This allocation is based on thorough analysis of crime figures and the demand in each of our districts.”

Officers move locations
Hampshire Constabulary operate a ‘borderless’ policy, which ensures officers can be deployed away from their assigned location if it is deemed operationally necessary.

Each of the areas is also supported by a number of other teams within the force, including response officers, investigations teams and various specialist departments.

Blyth: Ensuring we truly reflect those we are serving
Assistant Chief Constable Maggie Blyth said:

“We are constantly striving to serve and support all in our communities the best we can each day.

“Part of this is ensuring that, as a force, we truly reflect those we are serving.

“It is very pleasing to see that within the 3,000 applications received there 13 per cent who are from diverse backgrounds.

“I am also very happy that we have been able to push forward with our recruitment programme throughout the pandemic, and that we are now able to announce how we will be deploying the 156 officers who will be hired through the government uplift.

“It has been great to see many high quality candidates applying to join the force.

“Our aim is to become an employer of choice, focused on attraction, retention and progression, bringing the best and talented individuals into the Constabulary, ensuring they can all reach their true potential.”

The allocation of officers across the district:

DistrictNumber of officers
New Forest8
East Hants4
Isle of Wight9
Local Policing Delivery Unit1
Test Valley5

The remaining 43 new officers will be deployed across local crime investigation departments, the contact management team, and specialist criminal investigation teams such as the Child Abuse Investigation Team or High Harm teams.

Article edit
3.10pm 31 Jul 2020 – Final para about 43 officers added

Image: westmidlandspolice under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 30th July, 2020 4:19pm



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Always welcome to see but 9 more officers on the IOW do not go very far. 3 x 8hr shifts per day, then take out rest days etc equates to possibly 2 more officers maximum on duty each day for the whole IOW. Could do with a lot more than 9.

Eagle eye

Thanks Sally but the figures don’t appear to add up to 156, am I missing something?

Also, are there figures for the total number of officers in each area prior to these new allocations?

Eagle eye

Thanks Sally for updating the figures.

I find it odd that the number of officers, prior to this new intake, are not being disclosed to residents by the Police Force. I hope councillors reading this article will give us the answer as were are paying for the service.

Stuart George
“It is very pleasing to see that within the 3,000 applications received there 13 per cent who are from diverse backgrounds.” I’d have thought the figure should be closer to 100% from the definition of diverse. (Diversity is differences in racial and ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic, and academic/professional backgrounds. People with different opinions, backgrounds (degrees and social experience), religious beliefs, political beliefs, sexual orientations, heritage, and life experience.)

Much needed. Well done Government.

Steve Goodman
Much needed only because the con government have to reverse their foolish false economy damaging cuts – “Johnson has announced plans to recruit an extra 20,000 police officers in England and Wales. That would almost reverse the reduction in police numbers since the Conservatives came to power. Between March 2010 and March 2018, police forces in England and Wales lost 21,732 officers – a drop of 15%,… Read more »

It’s what they do all the time, get rid of the people with experience and knowledge, and bring in new recruits that are cheaper, because they start at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to pay.


The Tory’s won’t be happy until they’ve got everyone working on the minimum wage.


As Black Lives Matter in the USpropose defunding the police here we are adding to them.


Has crime gone up by that much to warrant the additional police on the streets?