OnTheWight: 12 years serving the Isle of Wight

Find out how you can help secure the long-term future of the Isle of Wight’s only fully-independent, regulated news provider that’s been serving the Island for twelve years.


Today (Thursday) marks the twelfth anniversary of the birth of OnTheWight.

Our first post on 28th September 2005 – under the name VentnorBlog (a name that many people still use affectionately today) – documented the detonation of a un-exploded bomb in Ventnor Haven.

Our coverage was picked up by the BBC and so the merry ride began.

Island’s only fully-independent, regulated news provider
Twelve years later and OnTheWight is now the only fully-independent, regulated news provider on the Isle of Wight.

For many years, OnTheWight has also provided a free-to-use event listings site, and this year, we launched a new Isle of Wight Jobs site, which sees thousands of job-seekers visiting it every month.

With readership peaking at 115,000 unique visitors in a month and over 35,000 followers on social media, our readers tell us that OnTheWight has been responsible for changing the media landscape on the Island.

Expensive to produce
As you will no doubt have heard on the national news, people are now realising that providing news coverage is hard and expensive.

Readers are starting to understand that the news they freely read on a daily basis isn’t has a cost to producing it.

If you believe trustworthy, independently-owned media, dedicated to the Isle of Wight is important, you can do your bit to secure its future by supporting OnTheWight financially today.

How you can help
Your contribution can make a large difference. Advertising is a fickle business. To secure the long-term future of OnTheWight you can set up a monthly payment by direct debit.

It’s really easy to do. We’ve partnered with Gocardless to handle the payments. They use Military-grade security to store all your bank details (with RSA encryption) and communicate only over secure channels.

Thanks for your support. Here’s to many more years ahead.

Image: rightee under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 28th September, 2017 9:42am


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Email updates?
Congratulations on the anniversary, VB/OtW has been for a long time a fantastic source of local news (and to be fair a little gossip!). In traversing today’s modern society one has to view news from a variety of sources in order to gain a (hopefully) balanced view. Getting all news from one source can be dangerous (you only have to meet a Daily Mail reader to see… Read more »

Happy to help out. Only a tenner a month, I’m afraid, as things are a bit tight at the moment.


Very happy to support you, Sally and Simon, but if we’re going down this route I think you need to provide a lttle more transparency – for example, “regulated” by whom?
“Privately-owned” by whom?

Please keep up the Good Work!