Open Letter To Andrew Turner From Occupy I0W

Occupy Isle of Wight group wrote to Andrew Turner earlier in the week and copied VB in. Read the letter on our site.

Earlier in the week the Occupy Isle of Wight group wrote to Isle of Wight MP, Andrew Turner. They copied us in (see below) and we hear that in response to the letter, Andrew Turner has agreed to meet the group. We’ll let you know how they get on. Ed

Dear Mr Turner,

Re: Proposal to Encourage Active Involvement by Constituents in the Political Process

Thank you for your attendance at our rally on November 5th, 2011. We are delighted that you engaged with our campaigners and particularly that you posed the question asking how we, your constituents, can be more actively involved in the political process. This is our response.

The consensus process
First, we’d like to share our experience of the “consensus process” – the method employed at Occupy meetings around the globe that facilitates the most beautiful form of active participation in the decision-making process.

Each participant is actively involved and each encouraged to have their say, so each individual knows their voice and opinions have been heard and each feels included in this way. For this reason, the process feels empowering for every individual who participates and is democracy in action at the grass roots level, democracy at its’ most pure – a breath of fresh air at a time when so many of us, the vox populi, feel disempowered and disengaged from the political process.

Engage the public
Many among us feel our representatives nationwide do not represent the voices of their constituents, that the majority go along with the party line but, we thank you for going against the grain in the recent EU referendum vote in this regard.

We firmly believe that incorporating “the consensus process” into the mainstream political process will better engage the public in the decisions that affect their lives and hope to see it happen first here on the Isle of Wight thereby making you a pioneer amongst your peers.

Wider transparency
We propose that forthcoming parliamentary debates be published on your website and in the County Press – an initiative that would allow all constituents the opportunity to debate the issues on the table and consult with you ahead of time – and thereby helping ensure that you incorporate constituents’ views and opinions into the debates at the House of Commons.

Our suggestion is that this be done in simple rolling calendar form supported by a polling facility such as seen on You Tube.

The calendar would list the debates ahead of time and the polling facility (including a space for brief comments on the issue) will allow you to gauge your constituents stance at a glance.

We would like to arrange a meeting with you to discuss this idea and its implementation in more depth at your very earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Occupy Isle of Wight

Image: © Jenny Lynn Walker

Wednesday, 23rd November, 2011 8:54am



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Email updates?
Luisa Hillard
A letter like this needs to be sent to every MP in the country. MPs need to be directly accountable to their constituents and a visible poll on the issues will make it very clear to MPs which way they should be voting on the issues. I do not see that they can say no to this proposal without seriously undermining the democratic process! A simple, but… Read more »
I don’t think it is undermining the democratic process to take issue with what is proposed here. Consensus is laudable and I’m sure it works well for the members of the protest group. But then they are predominantly left wing with similar values and political views, consensus will be easy for them. What happens when there is no consensus? Are we just to be left in politically… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

This news needs to go national. Global.

Consensus opinion is attractive but it assumes that all participating have had equal access to all the relevant information and will be treated equally. VB’s recent reporting on ‘political’ behaviour at IWC meetings is an example of crude debating tactics. To my mind open-meetings can become ‘mob-rule’ where certain participants are more powerful. Think back to open-air trade union gatherings surrounding the coal miners and British Leyland… Read more »
It’s not an ochlocracy that is being advocated, but a more transparent democracy, which is better than the corporatocracy that we appear to have now. For proof of this, maybe bloggers should google the role of the city of London’s remembrancer & why he has unique powers to sit in parliament unelected to check all legislation, petition parliament and monarchy directly & why (at least within the… Read more »

For those who don’t know “ochlocracy” is another word for “mob rule”. It would make democracy so much easier for the general public if complicated terminology like this were avoided!

Don Smith

This planned teachers strike is nothing but Blackmail. (And for what?)

Just causing disruption to children and their parents and nothing will change, therefore just a complete waste of time.

Who will suffer most by losing a days pay. Certainly not the teachers, but those on PT work and the minimum wage.


Sheilagreenfair & others. Firstly I don’t presume to doubt the intelligence of VB readers and I would have hoped you wouldn’t either.

More importantly, surely it is the little matter of peonage that is at stake here and which should be animating you!