Opportunity for six Islanders to gain work experience through heritage project

Those taking part can gain valuable work experience as a step in their employment journey. Details within

iw tank museum - tanks on display

Nick from Soldier On! shares details of this opportunity for six Islanders to take part in a personal development through heritage project. Ed

Soldier On! is a registered charity that provides personal and career development for vulnerable or disadvantaged people, delivered through history and heritage projects.

Our mission is to:

  • Improve participant well-being and increase confidence
  • Help participants prepare to secure meaningful employment
  • Build community cohesion and remove social barriers
  • Contribute to knowledge and local historical preservation
  • To increase employee resilience, emotional intelligence and leadership through improved self-awareness

Tank restoration
We are running a project in the Isle of Wight to cosmetically restore a tank and provide an integrated personal development programme.

Participants who are using the project to gain valuable work experience as a step in their employment journey will be expected to show their acquired knowledge and skill development through an evidence record.

Opportunity for six Islanders
For Phase One, over four weekends, six participants will work to prepare a Conqueror tank, housed currently at the Isle of Wight Military and Heritage Museum, before repainting it.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is expected that a shift pattern timetable will be created to ensure social-distancing measures are respected at all times.

In addition to stripping and repainting the vehicle, personal development activities will include the following:

  • Photographic record of the project
  • Video footage
  • Daily video and written blogs

There are other phases which you can read more about on the Website.

Apply today
We are now recruiting Isle of Wight residents to take part in this exciting programme of events.

Whilst we welcome applications from anyone who is at risk of becoming, or is, disadvantaged, socially-isolated or vulnerable, and all will be given due consideration, priority will be given to unemployed Islanders and those who show real commitment to using their time with us to improve their chances of securing suitable and sustainable employment.

Call project manager, Murray Grant on 07825 475 237, for more details.

Image: © Isle of Wight Military and Heritage Museum

Thursday, 10th September, 2020 7:54am


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‘Valuable’ work experience restoring a Second World War tank?

Isn’t this about acquiring cheap labour?

Mark L Francis

I think a Conqueror was more 1950s.