Over 200 personalised Door Claws supplied to Isle of Wight care homes

BAE Isle of Wight has stepped in to help prevent spread of Covid-19 to vulnerable care home residents on the Isle of Wight

The personalised door claw

In an attempt to reduce the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) amongst vulnerable care home residents on the Isle of Wight, a number of Island-based companies have been working together to manufacture a novel piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for care home and medical centre staff.

The Door Claw
BAE Systems employees in Cowes approached Isle of Wight-based wind turbine blade company, Vestas, to offer the use of Door claw in useits in-house 3D printer technology to expedite the manufacture an innovative door handle hook, named the Door Claw.

Vestas kindly agreed to release the print specification for the design for free so that BAE Systems and other manufacturers on the Island could produce the device while Vestas continues to supply St Mary’s Hospital in Newport.

Personalised for each staff member
The handle hook, designed by Specialist Engineer Jeremey Haight at Vestas, is personal to each staff member. Shaped to be gripped in the index and second finger, it prevents the need to touch door handles by hooking onto the handle, allowing the staff member to move it without making direct contact.

The device also features a small stylus on its nose which allows staff to use touchscreen devices without making direct skin contact.

To date, over 200 units have been printed and delivered to care homes.

Davis: Pulling together a natural response to current situation
Paul Davis, BAE Systems Sampson, Radar In-Service Support Programme Manager, said,

“It’s rewarding to see how different industries on the Island are pulling together to help the NHS and care home workers with the urgent PPE that they need to help keep residents safe.

“Making best use of our collective skills and equipment as an industry is just a natural response to the current situation.”

Assessing needs
BAE Systems Project Managers identified 77 care homes and medical centres on the Island and have contacted these individually as each batch of handle hooks come off the production line to assess their level of need.

Designs shared nationwide
BAE Systems also contacted the national industry body, the Association of Project Management (APM), with permission from Vestas, to provide the computer design files for sharing with fellow project management industry members nationwide.

News shared by Chris on behalf of BAE Systems. Ed

Thursday, 7th May, 2020 10:24am


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