Pannier Market for Newport: The Background

Find out more about plans for a pannier market in Newport

VB are happy to be involved with the exciting proposals for Pannier Markets on the Isle of Wight. There are lots of great ideas being developed over the next few months, but in this first installment, Helen Bailey gives us the background on the project. Ed

Pannier Market for Newport: The BackgroundYou may have heard something of the Pannier Market concept already, but the team behind it are now pushing forward to make it a reality.

The long-term goal is to provide a permanent, all-weather trading venue in Newport.

What’s a pannier market?
The term ‘pannier’ is used to reflect the original way markets were used, where traders would just bring their produce in baskets and trade for the day.

Set up as a not-for-profit, local community-based enterprise, it’ll act as a focus and showcase for local produce and traders as well as giving marketers and shoppers a flexible and vibrant trading opportunity.

Supported by the Regional Training and Regeneration Trust (RT2), the core values of the Pannier Market philosophy include reflecting Newport’s heritage as the traditional trading centre for the Isle of Wight and reinforcing the Island’s local identity as producers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Retail and tourism boost
It will champion both local retail and tourism – by offering a ‘window’ to Isle of Wight visitors – and give opportunities to more local people to bring their produce direct to market or to train as a new marketer.

Training opportunities
Part of the scheme involves providing short training courses for producers and artisans who have no prior experience of running a market stall.

By providing this sort of trading opportunity, it will perhaps help give smaller producers their first step on the road to running their own business, not to mention the potential for regeneration within the wider townscape of Newport.

Newport marketplace
The Pannier Market is keen to see the ‘marketplace’ back within the heart of Newport acting as a valuable, locally born regeneration project adding diversity and vibrancy to the area.

Visuals already developed are based around one of a number of possible market place locations and serve to example the type of facilities that could form part of that vision.

And now, as we said, things are starting to move forward so we’ll be keeping you up to date with developments.

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The last time I looked at the wares for sale in Newport market, they certainly didn’t warrant such a plush development… it was mostly tea-towels, ‘tat’ bearing the flag of St. George and hideous clothing…
…the farmer’s market however, will look a treat!


The two ends of any pannier market: affordable tat and over expensive food. Good markets cater for much more.

Ultimate Drunk

Another car park gone then. Wont have anywhere to park soon

Good idea, but what about the location? The car park on the corner of Medina Avenue and Church Litten should be used instead for a cut-through for buses coming up Church Litten, so they don’t have to wait for the traffic lights but can go straight through to the bus station. Does anybody know what’s happening with the derelict site near the fire station and opposite the… Read more »

The site you’re refering to Rowan has outline planning permission for goodness knows how many more houses/flats. Would be lovely to have some more open space in Newport…..The Dairy Crest site would be so perfect.

Block 8

In another article on VB, comments are made about the lack of investment in the Quay area.

Just a thought linking the two?


Knock all the shops down in front of the bus station, where Peacocks H&M and New Look are situated, what an eyesore. Market town? How did that ever get passed. Put a nicely designed building there more in keeping with old Newport.


The drawing reminds me of the old Church Litten market of the 60’s so why did they ever get rid of it? Progress, I think not!