AJ Wells Signs Up To VentnorBlog

Island firm A J Wells come on board with VentnorBlog

Charnwood - Reduce Fuel Bills

We’re really pleased to announce another advertiser, A J Wells, has come on board with VentnorBlog.

AJ Wells and their sister company, Charnwood, are two of the most respected companies on the Island.

They design and manufacture on the Island using skills from the Island and distribute their products worldwide.

Hand warming
We’ve worked with them and design company, Didomi, to create an animated advert. Pretty good, eh?

If you’re feeling a bit chilly, you can hold your hands in front of your monitor to warm up to. Clearly, having an actual own Charnwood woodburner at home would do an even better job :)

Advertise with VentnorBlog
We’ve been really busy with maintaining the coverage and number of stories that we put out on a daily basis, so haven’t yet had the opportunity to contact companies around the Island to let them know of the benefits that VB could bring them. That doesn’t mean that we don’t welcome advertisers.

If you’d like to benefit from your company being displayed over 25,000 a day on VentnorBlog, just get in touch with us on 898 777. We’ll be happy to help.

Monday, 1st September, 2008 1:18pm


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Thanks, I didn’t know these guys made them on the IoW. I’m looking to install a wood burner in the next month or so and I’ll be more than happy to buy one from these knowing I’m supporting an Island company. Cheers!


The ad looks good – was worried about the site being taken over by adverts, but we’ve all got bills to pay!

Well done. Hope it goes well for you.