Executive vote: Free parking in 20 car parks goes, including Appley and Puckpool and parking charges up

As many feared, the proposed changes to parking on the Isle of Wight was voted through last night, but with one councillor notably against most of the proposals.

Parking metre fail

If you followed our live coverage of the Isle of Wight Executive meeting last night you’ll have seen how members voted on the issue of changes to parking charges.

All options to increase parking charges or remove free parking (this includes 20 car parks that currently provide some form of free parking, such as Carisbrooke High Street, Seaclose Park, leisure centres and Blackgang Viewpoint) were voted through, except one.

However, the voting wasn’t unanimous.

Warning over removal of free parking
Cllr Phil Jordan, one of the IW councillors for Ryde, stated his concern from the word go.

He warned members that plans to remove free parking from Puckpool Park and Appley Park would force drivers to clog up side roads. He’d seen it all before, he told members, and voted against all motions except the modest increase in parking charges and one allowing consultation with Freshwater Parish council over Moa Place car park.

No change to chargeable hours
The only option on the list of proposed changes in the Parking Order that wasn’t voted through, was the extension of charging between 6-8pm.

Cllr Gilbey told members this item had the biggest input from individual representations across the Island,

“Voluntary organisations, after school clubs, people coming home from work that normally park in car parks after 6pm, affecting every single area of the Island and impacting the local economy.

“It has quite out-stretching consequences.”

Cllr Priest: “Mindful of the evening economy”
Cllr Priest, who made a pre-election promise to promote high streets and not penalise motorists, told members,

“We need to be mindful of the evening economy. This is the area of most concern across the Island

And it reflects the fact that we do listen to Islanders and have listened sensibly to the Island economy and this is one of those areas that we have to do the right thing.”

Not a single member was prepared to propose the motion or second it, so the motion fell.

Cllr Stubbings: “Comparatively insignificant impact on many of the people who have commented”
Deputy leader of the council, Cllr Stubbings told members,

“One point I would bring forward is to remind fellow members of the enormous funding gap that we face over the next three years.

“I feel we need at some point to bite the bullet on some of the things which are going to be very uncomfortable. This has been an extraordinarily contentious issue surprising, I think in some regards, given the fairly insignificant sums of money that it’s likely to generate and I would say, comparatively insignificant impact on many of the people who have commented on it.

“Perhaps that’s unfair on my part, but I do think we need to be mindful of the priorities of this council.”

All other items on the Parking Order were voted through and changes will be implemented ‘as soon as practical’.

See the details in full
The full details of the ‘Parking Places Order’ can be found in the document embedded below (click on the full screen icon to see larger version).

Article edits
Headline changed from “Free parking in 24 car parks goes” to “Free parking in 20 car parks goes”.

Second para text changed from “(this includes 24 car parks that are currently free, such as” to ” (this includes 20 car parks that currently provide some form of free parking, such as”

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Daniel Morgan

Phil Jordan, man of the people. Thanks for your efforts.


Since when did free parking become a god-given right?

There are much larger issues in play. This is one of the few that the IWC can directly *try* and do something about. Maybe you have some alternative suggestions for raising the £3m a year funding gap that’s required, Mr Morgan?


@ThomasC “Since when did free parking become a god-given right?”

1920? . This excise duty was ring-fenced (earmarked) for road construction and was paid directly into a special Road Fund from 1920 until 1937 after which it was treated as general taxation.


Car parks aren’t roads.

And as you’ve pointed out the RFL was post 1937 considered as part of general taxation – you’ve defeated your own arguement. Well done.


However from 1920-1937?

Does not on-street parking (i.e. roads) fulfill the same function as car-parks?


“Does not on-street parking (i.e. roads) fulfill the same function as car-parks?”

Not really Bertie.
For example, car park use cannot be highway obstruction, unlike leaving a car in a place intended for free passage.


Read a car park instructions about only parking within lines and not causing obstruction etc- the ParkingNazis favourite reason to up their bonus.

Black Dog
Having made this decision (wrongly in my opinion) let us hope that this administration are responsible enough to monitor and publish the consequences of this action. I would like to see revenue statements 6 and 12 months down the line against current revenues. This must be nett revenues taking into account any additional costs associated with managing and collection. Should the figures show a drop in revenue… Read more »

Any chance of reminding us where the 24 free car parks are that are no longer free? I have looked back over this topic and can’t see the details. Does it include Wheelers Bay in Ventnor? Apologies if it is already ‘somewhere’


So that will mean Marina Avenue at Appley will be crammed full of cars all day and every day, now…

Blackgang will be the only pay and display viewpoint and picnic area in the country… luckily there’s the grass triangle lower down the hill for the bikers. How long before the seat migrates?

No, loads of viewpoint carparks charge all over the country. Try and have a picnic in the lake district. Even there it is 8 till 8 so unless you want an early breakfast or supper, you will pay to park. No doubt other holiday spots throughout the country have cashed in. I am not saying it is right, but milking the motorist is high on every council… Read more »
@ RJC Ah, I stand corrected. Haven’t come accross any pay-to-view myself but then I don’t get out so much these days. I have found in the past that many local authorities provided decent toilets at rest stops and view points without charge as a service to passing motorists but guess that everything has a price nowadays. Be interesting to see the revenue taken from the Blackgang… Read more »

This decision sounds (almost) like it was sponsored by Tesco. Oh we get to keep 6pm-8pm though, phew, thanks. (Every little helps…)

ambs — Yes, you have hit the nail on the head. There comes a point where the cost and inconvenience of the High Street – balanced by variety, choice and local service – is outweighed by the free parking of the big supermarkets. Whether these rises and new charges will trigger a major migration remains to be seen but at some stage we will go beyond that… Read more »
Mmm! “Free parking at supermarkets”? I wonder how long that will last. Given the reducing profits of Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco etc, look out for their offering “free parking” as long as you spend £n in their shops i.e. collect a ticket at a machine on the way in and redeem it at the check out till. If this happens, the drain of business away from the High… Read more »
Steve the YAK



Parking charge increases are one way of foisting the crisis caused by political Austerity directly onto the backs of the people.


When is someone on the Council going to stand up to the Government over the £28m gap they have inflicted on us? So far all that has happened is management of the crisis by implementing cuts and now the switch to taxing people is on the agenda.Are there any politicians with the guts to speak out? Will you do it Cllr Jordan?

Steve Goodman
We (“all in this together”?) can all play our part. Anyone unhappy about what our servants do in our name with our money should at least say so. And there is an election due next year. Our local government rep. Andrew Turner MP has been good at making himself available to speak to us, and our current council’s engagement with islanders is much better than their predecessors.… Read more »
kevin barclay-jay

old council…new council….same council

Totally ignore every single Business Association on the Island who represent business on our high streets, who unanimously opposed this bill.

Chose to ignore and doctor petitions from locals

May as well have kept the Tories..at least we knew what they were like

Man in Black

Ah but Richard Priest and Jon Gilbey would argue that they DID listen to Island businesses Kevin.

Don’t forget, they didn’t extend the chargeable hours to 8pm.

Oh and Jon Gilbey said it was not the council’s job to provide parking for doctor’s surgeries and the like.


Ahem !

Review Para 2 (g) on page 1. that increases the hours from 10-6 to 10-8 for car parks and on street parking in Cowes, Ryde, Sandown, Shanklin, Vetnor and Yarmouth. Is this not counter to election promises?

Mick lyons

I’d like to know what the council’s job is as it doesn’t seem to be representing the people who elected them.


Civil disobedience?

How long would the system hold up if nobody bought a ticket and everybody refused to pay the fine?


Suruk; those who tried not paying for tickets, poll tax, TV licence fees, and so on were mostly eventually dealt with by the magistrates, even if it took ages, so be prepared.

Unfortunately, when those elected to serve the public ignore their wishes, there are very few options available to those disaffected except remembering those responsible during the next election. Of course, the big problem with this is the set of shysters who replace them will be just as unscrupulous and untrustworthy as the lot they replaced. A BIG problem with council parking is that it is backed by… Read more »
gaz sharman

Civil disobedience is a great tool, but in a police state this could be detrimental to your health. Don’t forget people like the cops can murder you in broad daylight and get away with it.


I agree.
In the UK nobody’s safe, even disobedient Princesses get unlawfully killed.

Mick lyons

3,000 people signed a petition – to what end? It was conveniently ignored.

Mick lyons

Trouble is that IW Independents seem quite happy to carry out Tory policies like this regressive taxation and extending council tax charges to the less well off. Independent they are not, except perhaps Phil Jordan.

long in the tooth

Quite right, most of the Independents are closet liberals who in their own way contributed to the problems the Island is now in. Off the top of my head we have Smart, Blezzard, Howe, Kendall, Richards, Stevens but I am sure there are more.


Chapman, Medland, Fuller ……………….sounds like Island Second to me!

do the math

so 9 out of 20 is the most! And you are the one complaining about the Island’s Education.

Stubbings: “… the enormous funding gap we face…” So why always default to motorists? Basically, when motorists use a council car park, they are paying for a council service which is fair enough. If the council wishes to raise funds then increase charges over all council services and spread the pain. Or is this not the case because motorists are used to being fleeced and don’t make… Read more »
Mick lyons

Tory policy – tax the less well off with flat rate charges (like VAT and parking). Everybody pays the same, seems fair doesn’t it, but unfortunately everybody does not earn the same so the rich get richer and the poor pay for it. It’s called regressive taxation.

long in the tooth
The “rich” pay more tax Mick, buy more luxury goods, eat out more so they are actually paying more tax and subsidising more of the payments to those on benefits than the lower earners. Add to this whilst mortgage interest is low their savings interest has gone down dramatically. Should they always be hit because many of them have worked dam hard, saved and been careful? I… Read more »

@pensioner re the rich paying more tax.

Only in absoluter terms. In relative terms government figures shows that the tax burden on the poor is 36.6% and on the rich 35.5%

Any tax increase has a far greater affect on the discretionaty incomes of the poor than the rich.

Mick Lyons

I would not consider someone who works hard and saves for a modest pension rich. Most wealth in this country is inherited, most top jobs go to public school/Oxbridge graduates and top executives earn more in TWO days than the average worker earns in a WHOLE YEAR.


Pensioner’s generic comment not mine- as a pensioner myself I know that I am not rich!

long in the tooth

I worked hard Mick, saved hard and now pay 40% tax. I won’t spend stupidly because I might have to pay care costs in the future so why should I have to pay more towards parking? My pension is not modest however when the time comes if there is anything left after care home fees my family will also be hit for inheritance tax. Fair?

long in the tooth

I do find it extremely rude Brian when you refer to people by their surnames. Please could you address Steve by his Christian name of refer to him as Cllr Stubbings or Mr Stubbings, it would help with my blood pressure. Courtesy and politeness cost nothing.

Rather an “up your backside” comment Pensioner if I may say so. At school I was always referred to by surname only (not so much as a Mr or Master). University Challenge announces the contestants as “Bloggs – New College. All ex Public Schoolboys refer to each other “Hello Findlay, Hello Crawford, saw Dawson last week with Taylor” Given the utter shambles in which the Council finds… Read more »
long in the tooth

Actually Brian (sorry I don’t know your surname to address you by), you are talking “out of your backside”. What an arrogant posting. We are not in a public school and common courtesy and good manners seemed to have passed you by. No matter what you think of the council there is no need for rudeness.

Also it could be down to the independents promise “Frame For Change” anger that it is still the Tory line “cuts and more cuts”.One thing they have taken on which the Trade Unions(TUC) over here have been promoting is Economic Funding for the Island.But for “Political Reasons” like the Tories will not give the Trade Unions credit for, the work they have done, which has been noticed… Read more »

Correction: “Frame Work For Change”


Burial and cremation charges have increased (I think). In fact I believe that most charges have been put up. It is just that certain people have chosen to only focus on parking charges which are actually a very small increase in comparison, whilst conveniently forgetting that the new parking permits are a fraction of what they were under the last lot.


Well said !

Man in Black

I guess people have focused on parking charges rather than other charges, because there’s been a public consultation.

Had there not been a consultation, most people would not have known about it.

By the way, I don’t think most people are concerned about increase in charges, it’s charging in car parks that have previously been free they object to.


In David Brent’s immortal words, Mamalu, they’re “still thinking about the bad news”.

Matthew James Martin
The morning after the European Election results (how convenient?), the Inland Revenue announced it had managed to recover an extra £26.2 billion, through correctly tackling tax avoidance. This is just one example among many, where we know the Powers that Be still have a healthy budget at their disposal. How much does the Isle of Wight and every UK constituency actually have to to suffer this masquerade… Read more »

Dick Turpin:

‘Money or your life’ to read “Money or your Freedom!”

Highway Robbery (2014-style) to include publicly owned car parks…!

Parking charges are a fact of life – get over it. I paid a fortune to park in various car-parks in Cornwall recently. Some of the charges were eye watering. When was the last time prices were increased?. Someone quoted 20p in 8 years – could someone find out?. On a positive note you can now pay for your annual permit by direct debit and park anywhere… Read more »
Amanda BH

You sound just like a council spokesperson


Watch out tiki, saying something that’s not critical of the Council is unacceptable!


As for leisure centre car parking. There have been complaints about members of the public not using the facilities but parking in the car-park for years. Good move. if you want to park there buy a gym membership.

Although I would rather the charges for free car parks are not introduced, we have been very lucky on the Island with relatively cheap parking compared to may other areas of the UK I’ve visited. I once sat in a McDonalds in London,13 years ago, and realised that the parking meter outside was earning about double the hourly rate (minimum wage) of the staff working in the… Read more »
gaz sharman

What can you expect when self serving criminals run our government and councils. The public get shafted.

Steve Stubbings seems to have missed his own point – By insisting on raising these ‘insignificant sum’ they have risked damage to the local retail and tourism industry by the psychological, if not actual monetary injury caused by the perception of aggravating parking charges. For what? This is politically and economically inane. If car parking were made free, it would be a powerful indicator that this Island… Read more »
I thought that was rather odd too, bigEars. If the sums to be raised will be “fairly insignificant”, you automatically think – then why bother? Possibly Cllr Stubbings is thinking that lots of small amounts from various sources will together swell the coffers; but without his (apparently) having said that, it takes the shine off any feeling that it will be a worthwhile exercise. I think I… Read more »