Peaceful protest against alleged Government plans to roll back rights of trans and non-binary people

Organisers say the protest is against the alleged ‘unworkable, unfair and dangerous plan’; which will have a huge impact on the safety, dignity and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people

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It was reported in the Sunday Times on 14th June 2020, that the UK Government intends to scrap the Gender Recognition Act reform and roll back the hard-won rights of trans and non-binary people.

In response to this a protest has been arranged in support of trans and non-binary rights on Saturday 11th July 2020 at 11am-1pm (details below).

What is changing?
The Government is allegedly planning to introduce a law that will restrict the rights of trans women to use women’s facilities, such as public toilets, changing rooms and refuges. This will also impact on the rights of trans men, which appear to have been forgotten.

The protest is against this unworkable, unfair and dangerous plan; which will have a huge impact on the safely, dignity and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people.

Trans and non-binary people have the right to live their lives without being in fear and being subjected to abuse and discrimination.

Where and when
The event is being co-hosted by Sydney Cardew, LGBT+ Officer at the Isle of Wight Labour Party and Yve White BEM, Equalities Officer, IW Local Government Branch of UNISON.

We welcome everyone to take part in this protest which will take place on Saturday 11th July 2020 at 11am – 1pm in Eastern Gardens, Ryde – next to “Pride Beach”.

This is a peaceful protest aimed at raising awareness and seeking support from the wider community.

If you are coming along on the day, please ensure you bring some water with you, wear a face covering and ensure social distancing is respected.

Find out more
Further information can be found on the Facebook event page. An open letter has been sent to various organisations and agencies, to allow people to add their name to show support.

You can view the letter here everyone is welcome to pledge their support.

News shared by Yve, on behalf of herself and Sydney. In her own words. Ed

Image: Quote Catalogue under CC BY 2.0

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How many reported cases of these apparent injustices have there been? My guess is single to low double digits per decade. I am not convinced this warrants any parliamentary time when there are other more significant things to be done.

Using the law to decide who uses which loo may end up counterproductive. I’m sure we can all envisage scenarios where it would seem appropriate and others where it may appear less appropriate. Perhaps in that case, it is best to keep the law out of it. Instead allow people to go about their business, as they have in the past, and I’m sure people will respect… Read more »

Problem is law can be utilised in two ways. Either as a protective measure for the community or it can be misinterpreted to suit an individual or groups own agenda and become a weapon of persecution.


As has been proven during and since the public consultation began.


Absolutely. An ill-thought out law could easily make a situation worse. I’m not sure what the answer is regarding trans people and the problems they face using the toilet of their choice, and I have given the issue some thought. Precisely why it might be a mistake to rush towards law-making. More debate first, if you ask me.

When the consultation began there was debate. However, with much influence from the Trump administration in the US, the debate was hijacked, in the most part by main stream media. They gave the public a negative view of transgender issues by sensationalism and negative focus on what was quite often manufactured news. I agree that honest respectful debate resume. Ideally a lot of education to dispel the… Read more »

I am really struggling to see the connection between Donald Trump and trans people wanting to use their toilet of choice.

The toilet issue was rampant in the US. Trump is also trying to erase Trans people. For instance he barred trans people from serving in the military. This whole issue is a world wide one with campaigners from all sides weighing in. Prior to Trump gaining office trans people were basically left alone to a much greater degree than at present. The radical feminist movement brought the… Read more »
I, like most people, expect everyone to be treated fairly and with dignity. The law is there to uphold this and is applied by an independent judiciary who are able to exercise decency and common sense. I am concerned about the proportionality of your claims regarding a Trump led genocide of Trans people. That is clearly not the case (and very similar to Bob Seely’s claim that… Read more »
Hi, my apologies I somehow seem to have inadvertently put too much focus on the US. But it is a fact that US policies are an aggravating factor world wide. I absolutely agree, everyone minority or otherwise deserve dignity and safety. Unfortunately, it is a reality that trans people as well as several other groups are the targets of dehumanising and unequal treatment. And quite often violence… Read more »
It is too easy/lazy to somehow blame Trump for anything you don’t approve of. That is simply not the case. US politics are just that. They have no bearing in the UK. Or vice versa. You might not like him or his politics, but your life is not affected by him at all. Carrying on down this rabbit hole leads to false and dangerous comments like Seely’s… Read more »
At a quick glance Mr Seely’s comments could be misinterpreted ( maybe a poor choice of words). But I think he was trying to draw an analogy to what’s happening. I do however, question his comments. Are they genuine or is it his political agenda? By his own admission in his younger days he was unsupportive of LGBT. Hopefully, he may demonstrate his support by attending the… Read more »
The fate of the Jews was the most barbarous in history. You know the numbers. You have seen the photos. While homosexuality is technically punishable by death in some awful awful countries, no executions have been carried out for years according to Amnesty. Deplorably it also remains illegal in others. That does not compare in anyone’s sane mind to the Holocaust. To draw any comparisons is sickening.… Read more »
I agree, a better analogy could have been drawn. As I’ve stated I feel the current potential situation would to some degree be analogous to Apartheid. By that I mean legislated segregation based on prejudice and false information and quite literally by how you look. There is still today barbaric treatment all over the world of LGBT people. In Chechnya gay men are interred in prison camps,… Read more »

As long as you wear a mask when you go to the public toilets (assuming you can even find one) then no one will know who or what you are. Who cares as long as you don’t pee all over the floor and you flush the loo after yourself and leave it clean for the next person.


Great idea, so any one can wear a mask and use the women’s toilets? No problems that I can see there.

The government recently conducted a huge public consultation on amendments to the Gender Recognition Act. As a result of this public consultation the media, exclusionary feminists and indeed many people in the community used the consultation to launch sustained attacks on Trans people. Using public toilets etc as their justification, and quoting very isolated cases as evidence that we are predators. We are not, we are people… Read more »

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